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Lumnia: Fly control for your business

Flies such as fruit flies, drain flies and ever-present house flies can transmit a multitude of different pathogens, causing significant risk to health and severe impact on your customers, your business and your bottom line. A persistent problem across many industries, flies were voted as the most disruptive pest with:

  • 11% of businesses reporting flies as a leading cause of staff illness
  • 64% of businesses worrying over compensation claims caused by flies and
  • 9 lost working days every year following a fly infestation

Left unmanaged, a small fly problem has the potential to develop into a severe infestation in a matter of weeks. With some fly species being able to mature in just seven days, it is imperative businesses take a proactive approach in fly control. Professional pest control, employee training and the right deterrent measures in place can go a long way in avoiding costly treatments.


*Data taken from a 2015 survey of 1,000 decision makers in global businesses by the Centre for Economic Research (Cebr)

Discreet, effective protection against flies

Developed with innovative patented LED technology, our Lumnia range of insect light traps are designed to attract and kill flies hygienically, eliminating the risk of contamination.

The Lumnia range is purpose-built for a range of internal environments across food processing facilities, hotels and restaurants bound by strict legislation and regulation requirements.

Proven catch rates

High attraction output LED lamps are optimised for best-in-class fly catch rates. Units feature purpose-build modes to monitor the surrounding environment.

Modern, versatile designs

High-performing units in a sleek design which fits seamlessly into your business environment; offering a lower-glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies from customers.

High energy efficiency

Several energy modes that adapt from day to night, LED directional light emission reduces energy consumption by 61% on average*, contributing to a lower environmental footprint.

Lighting the way in fly prevention for your business

Lumnia Slim

Highly effective, elegent and discreet this insect light trap has been specially designed for customer-facing locations such as cafes, bars, reception areas and restaurant 'front-of-house' locations. The powerful, long life LED lamp within the slender, modern exterior is highly effective at attracting and discreetly capturing flying insects whilst using very little energy. Making Lumnia Slim cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Lumnia Compact

The smallest unit in the range, Lumnia Compact offers high performance at low energy costs. Designed for relatively low-risk areas within food retail operations, the sleek, unobtrusive design blends seamlessly into modern business environments while the interior adhesive board reduces visibility of caught flies from customers.

The adaptable design is available in a range of colours to reflect your brand and interior décor and can be wall-mounted or sited on flat surfaces.

Lumnia Standard

Lumnia Standard utilises innovative energy-saving LED technology to deliver optimised fly attraction and catch rates. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, the unit  features purpose-built modes to monitor and control the surrounding environment, helping businesses reduce the risk of food contamination, disease transmission and damage to business reputation.

High attraction output LED lamps are tested by Rentokil experts through the ‘Half Life’ measure to scientifically demonstrate the unit’s fly killing efficacy.

Lumnia Ultimate

Lumnia Ultimate offers unrivalled fly control and protection in high-dependency environments such as Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and general industry sites.

Boasting 3 LED lamps which offer the furthest throw whilst saving up to 48% in energy costs, Lumnia Ultimate delivers proven catch rates and eliminates the risk of secondary infestations by encapsulating flies onto an adhesive film for hygienic containment of caught flies.

Developed for our customer’s peace of mind, Lumnia Ultimate is a non-toxic pest control solution compliant with all legal and health and safety requirements.

Lumnia Suspended

Lumnia Suspended is the latest addition to Rentokil’s Lumnia range.

This highly effective fly-control solution has been specifically developed for back-of-house, high-dependency locations that require cover over a large area such as food processing, pharmaceutical, industrial or warehousing facilities. It’s also one of the lowest energy consumption units of this calibre on the market.

Lumnia Suspended has been expertly designed for an efficient, proven catch-rate to mitigate the risk of infestation.

The unit’s modern exterior contains three powerful 10W LEDs that are highly attractive to flying insects, but it uses a very low amount of energy when compared to other insect light traps.

Harnessing LED technology for superior commercial fly control

At Rentokil, our Global Research and Development Centre have utilised the latest in pest control technology to develop a range of best-in-class insect light traps. Due to the use of LED lamps, on average the Lumnia range of fly control units can provide a 61% in energy savings over three years when compared to equivalent competitors, providing a more sustainable fly control solution.

The innovative use of LED lamps in our fly control units attract insects by emitting the same wavelength of ultra-violet light that insects can see and then encapsulates them hygienically to reduce the risk of contamination.



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