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Rentokil pest control in Pietermaritzburg falls under the umbrella of a leading global brand backed by a leading research and development team that puts us as the fore runners in the pest control industry. Our team of professionals are your local experts that help to protect your home or business from pests as well as enhancing your environment. 

Our 6 highly skilled and qualified technicians provide a highly efficient service, servicing Pietermaritzburg to the far northern sectors of KwaZulu Natal. 

Whether you require termite, rodent, fly or cockroach control, you can always contact us for tailored solutions to get rid of pests on your premises.

"I started back in July1996 and have grown within the company over the years, my career started with the Ambius business and was involved with decor in offices and other establishment for 15 years and later moved to Rentokil and Initial in the Petermaritzburg Multi and started off as a senior Supervisor and later in 2015 moved up to Branch Manager position. In my experience I have been working with clients and have built a solid relationship and trust which is the reason why our loyal clients have stayed with us all this time. My drive is to provide quality service on time and everytime and to build trust with our valued client so as to have a long lasting relationship with them.."

Wiseman Ndlovu - Pietermaritzburg Branch Manager


Fumigation Services

We provide fumigation in Pietermaritzburg and nationwide. Find out more about our fumigation services.

Local Pest Trends


Due to the high temperate climate and humidity that we experience in Kwazulu Natal, Cockroaches breed at an exceptional rate - so much so that the normal man in the street cannot successfully control the outbreaks. This is compounded in city centres by the fact that there are so many informal traders and poor sanitation controls in rural areas.

Did you know?

Fact: It is likely that as many as 70% of all food handling establishments have cockroach infestations.

Read more about cockroaches.


Termites are seasonal, and breed during the warmer seasons. They eat away at wooden structures (and in some cases, even through brickwork) of homes and buildings which can cost thousands of Rands in repair and maintenance costs. Due to the damage that they cause, termites are also a safety risk to have around.

Our guarantee

We honour our promise of a 5 year guarantee, ensuring we solve your termite problem, offering an effective and professional service. 

Do you think you have a termite problem? Learn how to check for the signs of termites.

Success Stories

"A client required installation of 900 bait stations. The challenge was that contract was signed on the Friday and the installation was to be completed the Monday, as the auditors were doing their visit. It took absolute commitment from all staff. Ultimately, the installation was completed and the client passed their audit. That was amazing teamwork!"

Rajen Naidoo

If you have a problem with termites, cockroaches or any other pest at home, call 0861 117 852 and we’ll send a local Pietermaritzburg pest control expert to provide you with a solution. Alternatively, if your workplace requires a pest control treatment, call us on 0861 117 851.


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