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Our Johannesburg team boasts a collective 411 years of knowledge and service within Rentokil. We provide integrated pest control services to residential as well as commercial customers in the industrial, mining, food manufacturing as well as office workplace and hospitality industries. 

All of our Johannesburg pest control colleagues have experience and expertise across these segments, ensuring that they provide tailored and expert service at every level. We have a regional account manager, 47 service technicians, 1 senior supervisor, 5 supervisors, 2 retention consultants and 4 admin colleagues in the team, ensuring that we provide a complete solution for protecting any type of premises from pests.

Rentokil pest control is well known for our exhaustive inhouse training. Health and Safety is the number one priority in our company. All our technicians are registered with SAPCA and have a valid P-number.

Our qualified termite specialists excel at providing safe and reliable pest control services - right to your doorstep. We provide heat treatments at our offices for import and export goods and conduct ISPM 15. We provide a variety of pest control services to high dependency clients that have very specific pest control requirements and need to pass their varying audits.

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Johannesburg Local Pest Trends

termite trends


Subterranean termites are the most common termite species found in our northern suburbs (Sandton and surrounding areas). During the last few years we have experienced an increase in termite activity in the East Rand of Johannesburg.

The damaging effects of Termites

Once a termite problem is spotted it’s too late! Termites cause structural damage to properties which can go undetected for years, resulting in thousands of rands in costly repair and maintenance costs. Be sure to call in your local Johannesburg pest control expert to provide you with an expert termite control solution. See a few tips on what you can do to prevent termites.

Learn more about termites.

Getting rid of Termites

If you are wondering how to get rid of termites in your home or business, don’t fret;  our Rentokil Johannesburg pest control experts are only a call away. We provide chemical barriers to get rid of termites.

We also offer preventative treatments for when you are in the process of building a new home, complex, or office park. Rentokil’s termite pre-construction protection treats the soil and provides a preventative barrier against termites.

Brown rat

Rats and Mice

Due to urbanisation, we have seen an upsurge in the activity of rats and mice in Johannesburg. Insufficient garbage disposal and easy access points attract rodents into buildings, which is a key contributor to the population increase. Abundant food and shelter provide a perfect breeding scenario for rats and mice.

Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

You can implement good housekeeping practices to get rid of rats and mice, but ultimately - because of their rapid rate of breeding - it is important to call in the experts for professional rat and mouse control solutions to prevent a rodent problem from escalating


Other common pests in Johannesburg

Other prominent pests that invade properties in Johannesburg are bed bugs, birds, ants and cockroaches, to mention a few.

Bed bugs

As one of the key travel destinations in the country, Johannesburg receives many international travellers. This increases the likelihood of bed bugs. Rentokil offers bed bug control services, including our brand new heat treatment service that works effectively in getting rid of bed bugs in safe and efficient manner.


Birds spread parasites and diseases that can pose health risks. Their acidic droppings can also cause damage to your property. Our skilled and trained bird control experts in Johannesburg provide humane, discreet and cost-effective methods for getting rid of birds on your premises.


Do you know that ants often crawl over unsanitary surfaces before landing on your countertops? Ants are one of Johannesburg’s most despised insects, as they gain entry to homes and spoil foodstuffs. Our experts provide a variety of services to safely get rid of ants.


Cockroaches can pose a variety of health hazards that not only put your family’s health at risk, but can also damage your business reputation. Cockroaches are resilient and breed at a rapid rate, which is why it is important to take action in getting rid of cockroaches as soon as an infestation is spotted.

Areas we cover across Johannesburg

The Johannesburg branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers the below areas, as well as surrounds of Johannesburg:
  • New Town
  • Sandton
  • Fourways
  • Randburg
  • Midrand
  • Roodepoort
  • Krugersdorp
  • Boksburg
  • Benoni
  • Alberton
  • Germiston
  • Kempton Park
  • Johannesburg South
  • Vanderbijlpark
  • Vaalbank
  • Witbank
  • Middelburg
  • Potchefstroom

Customer Quotes

Rat Control Services

“I just want to compliment you on Sasha's work. She was very professional and put me at ease with the rat problem in my roof. She explained everything to me and I was very impressed with her work. I think you can get `a few more ladies in. Was very pleasant to work with her. Thanks Sasha and the Rentokil team.”
  Rating 10/10

Pest Control Services

“Too often we do not give credit where credit is due, believing that a person is simply doing their job and you are paying for the service provided. However, having Vuyo Mqomboti doing our pest control feels like we have made a friend and are dealing with someone who honestly cares. Vuyo had given us “instructions” regarding our problem areas (holes in walls/doors etc) which we have followed through with and to our great satisfaction we seem to have our rat problem under control, and as for the cockroaches well those critters are no longer running under our desks and sending us screaming! 

Vuyo deserves (in our eyes) to be recognised for his professionalism, friendliness and knowledge of the job he does, I am sure that it is not always the most pleasant of jobs but he is always happy, cheerful and a pleasure to have around." 

  Rating 10/10
- Danmar


Learn more about the questions our Johannesburg pest control experts get asked most frequently:

  • Why do I still have pests?

    There many reasons for this; incorrect housekeeping, stacking and proofing all contribute to an ongoing pest infestation.

  • Do Pesticides work?

    Yes, they do. Our pesticides might take a little longer than expected, but this is because we use safe and environmentally friendly products. All our pesticides are tested and we have an approved pesticide log.

  • Do you provide pest control services near me?

    We provide pest control services in Johannesburg and surrounds. You can rest assured that we are local to you. Our experts provide services right to your doorstep, wherever you may be situated. Feel free to give us a call or drop us a message and we’d be happy to assist you.

Call in the experts for an expert pest control solution on +27 211 410 970. Leave it to the Johannesburg pest control experts and we’ll effectively deal with your pest problem.


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