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Pest Control Durban

The Rentokil pest control Durban branch consists of the divisions in Durban and, Empangeni the Multi operation branch which is based in Zululand. Between these depots we cover the entire geographical area from Port St Johns in the South Coast (Eastern Cape) to Pongola on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal. 

We have a team of 22 registered Pest control Operators, 2 highly skilled jobbing teams and 2 initial hygeine teams in the branch.The branch is registered with the South African Pest control association (SAPCA). Our clientele ranges from large government departments like Transnet to the small takeaways stores. 

At Rentokil pest control Durban we take pride in our fumigation team, concentrating on fumigating stored product insects for the spice/ tobacco industry and wooden components for export.

Our pest control services in Durban are backed with the professional support from our Quality Assurance department and up-to-date training on innovations within the pest control industry.

I have been part of the Rentokil organisation since January 2004, joining the company as a Pest Control Operator. I was promoted as a Supervisor and thereafter as a Senior Supervisor responsible for a group of technicians in the Durban and surrounding areas. I was awarded the position of Branch manager for the pest control Pietermaritzburg Multi branch in April 2013 and lead an amazing team. In July 2015 i was promoted to Branch Manager of the KZN Maxi branch assuming the responsibility of overseeing the pure pest control team in Durban and the Multi operation in Zululand.

Rajen Naidoo - Durban Branch Manager

Rentokil Durban: our local expertise

What sets us apart from our local competitors is the constant inhouse training that is provided to our already experienced team of pest control operators. Our two locally based quality assurance colleagues in Rentokil Durban branch have over 50 years experience in the pest control industry. Our online reporting technology is ahead of current industry standards. 

We are also one of the few companies at a local level that are accredited with the Department of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries to conduct ISPM 15 fumigation. 

Here at the pest control Durban branch, we also actively take part in community outreach programmes to help improve the wellbeing of communities around us.

Fumigation Services

We provide fumigation in Durban and nationwide. Find out more about our fumigation services.

Durban Local Pest Trends

Durban Cockroach Image


Cockroaches are very common throughout Durban. The high humid conditions we have in KZN provides a conducive environment for cockroaches to thrive in. Being a port based city, Durban has an influx of cockroaches arriving via ships from other countries.

Did you know that cockroaches are a high risk pest to have around your home? They carry a range of serious illnesses including salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and typhoid.

Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches can  cause damage your business' reputation, and impact your family's wellness at home. If your business deals with or handles food products you need to be especially aware of the risk from cockroaches to your stored food products, as well as to your brand image should customers see cockroaches on the premises.

Learn more about the cockroach control solutions we can provide for your commercial or residential property. 

Durban Mouse Image

The Rats and Mice population in Durban

Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal region are considered a high risk area for rats and mice. Rodents are more prominent in highly populated areas, due to them being attracted to waste,providing them with ample food sources and shelter. This is a concerning factor, as rodents spread harmful diseases that could impact your health, and your business' reputation. 

Problem with rodents invading your home

“Rats are more than capable of fitting into space the size of a coin. Their bodies contain soft cartilage which makes it possible for them to squeeze through spaces and gaps that at first glance may appear much too small for them. Small cracks or holes in floors, sidewalk grates or vents are an easy way to get to a warm area.” - Rentokil’s Technical Manager, Mario Pluke.

Find out about how to get rid of rats that invade your home or business.

How to get rid of mice

A mice problem in your home or business can quickly escalate if left untreated as they breed at  rapid rates. There are many mouse control methods - such as good housekeeping practices, DIY mouse traps  - that you can use, although a professional solution is usually necessary for more serious mice infestations.

Need to get rid of mice in your home? Find out what your can do to get rid of mice and prevent them before they become a serious problem.

Durban local pests

Other common pests in Durban

Other prominent pests that invade properties in Durban are stored product insects, birds, ants and flies, to mention a few.


Birds can be a real nuisance for businesses, causing damage to roof tiles, blocking guttering and leaving droppings that may spread diseases and corrode building material. Our bird control experts in Durban provide humane, discreet and cost-effective bird control services.


Ants travel widely in search of food, often travelling through unsanitary areas before making their way into your food cupboard. If left unchecked larger infestation may occur, often seen with small piles of earth at the base of a building's exterior walls. Our experts provide a variety of services to safely get rid of ants.

Stored product insects

The term “Stored Product Insects” or “SPI’s” covers a number of insects including beetles, weevils, moths and mites that can be found in stored food products such as grains, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and even tobacco. SPI's contaminate food products, they have been a growing problem in Durban's tobacco and spice industries contact us for help with SPI's


Flies are an issue due to Durban's warm and humid weather. Flies pose serious health risks to humans and animals as they are known to spread a range of diseases, like Salmonella and E.coli. When left uncontrolled, flies have the potential to turn into a serious infestation. Rentokil offers fly control services, which includes our sought after Lumnia LED fly killers.

If you have pest problems at home, feel free to give the Rentokil Durban experts a call on 0861 117 852, or on 0861 117 851 if you require a tailored pest control solution for your business.

Customer Quotes

Effortless Relationship

"The dedication and agility to take action from Rentokil is one of the key characteristics that make them leaders in their field. The are part of our organisation team and create a pleasant and effortless relationship and do not work as a separate entity to our company. That what i admire most about them. Thanking you kindly"
  Rating 10/10

Pest Control Services

"I am the Quality Systems Specialist at an FMCG company in Durban and it is my pleasure to recommend the services of Rentokil Initial as a Pest Control service provider. The dedication and agility to take action is one of the key characteristics that make them leaders in their field... Being part of the FMCG industry, the demands regarding pest control is high and therefore I would recommend Rentokil as a Pest Control Service provider for all industries."
  Rating 9/10


Learn more about the questions our Durban pest control experts get asked most frequently:

  • Why is there an infestation?

    There are 3 critical elements that pest require to thrive, food, water, harbourages. Removing at least one of these elements will help reduce or eliminate the infestation.

  • Why do I still have pests?

    More often it is due to housekeeping, stacking and proofing as these contribute to infestation

  • Do you provide pest control services near me?

    We provide pest control services in Durban and surrounding areas. Our experts provide services right to your doorstep, wherever you may be situated. Feel free to give us a call or drop us a message and we’d be happy to assist you.

Directions to Rentokil Durban

7 Schenk Road Pinetown.From Central Durban take the N3, pass Pavillion, M13 off ramp, left into Stapleton Road off ramp. Right into Stapleton Road, Left into Blair Road, Left into Schenk road.


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