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Structural fumigation is used mostly to combat wood boring insects and some species of dry wood termite infestations.

The current methods available for structural fumigation are “tenting” where the entire structure is covered with a tarpaulin; or “tape and seal” where only infected areas (or where signs of activity are noted within the structure) are covered and treated.

Structural fumigation safety protocols:

Rentokil’s top priority is keeping our customers safe, our technicians safe, and ensuring that the service which is being carried out is effective. A thorough risk assessment will be completed before work commences to mitigate any liabilities for the customer or the company.

Our safety protocols are guided by the risk assessment and will include:

  • Risk to the environment
  • Neighbouring properties
  • Non target insect species
  • Security access to the property
  • Emergency contingency plan

Our technicians are equipped with the correct protective and safety equipment as prescribed in our safety protocols and procedures, and regular assessments and training are conducted to keep abreast of the latest innovation and changes in legislation.
All our fumigation solutions comply with relevant legislation which includes the manufacturers’ MSDS, government regulations, our own global rules and regulations and our standard operating procedures which are specific to each task.

Authorised fumigants and treatments for commodity fumigation:

Methyl Bromide:

  • The fumigant Methyl Bromide is being phased out globally due to its damaging effect on the ozone layer. As a responsible fumigation service provider we have introduced Profume as a registered alternative in all regions.
  • Methyl Bromide will still be used where required for QIS and ISPM15 export purposes
  • Rentokil does not provide fumigation-in-transit services as this practice is prohibited in terms of the label as well as SANS 10204: 2006 Art. 20.6.5 and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization International). Therefore no container may be fumigated in transit with Methyl Bromide.
  • Quick turnaround time: 24 to 48 hours on average (under ideal conditions)


  • Fumigation using Phosphine is an accepted treatment for most bulk food products including cereal, grains, dried fruit, nuts, rice, cocoa, coffee beans and tobacco.
  • It eliminates all life cycle stages of the target insect pest.
  • It has the advantages of being non-tainting and leaving no pesticide residue, as well as being a cost effective alternative to Methyl Bromide.
  • Turnaround time: 5 to 7 days (Silos 10 to 14 days) on average (under ideal conditions)

ProFume (Sulfuryl Fluoride/SF)

  • The active ingredient - Sulfuryl Fluoride - is effective in eliminating wood-boring insect and Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths in food processing facilities, cereal grain mills, grain stores, food or feed storage warehouses, as well as infested process machinery. 
  • It is also effective in buildings where it works exceptionally well against infestations within the fabric or structure of buildings.
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours (dependent on the product being treated, and under ideal conditions)

Entotherm Heat Treatment:

  • A chemical-free treatment using dry transferable heat in a contained area.
  • Our unique heat pod is portable and suited for a wide range of customers like food processing facilities, care homes, hospitals, hotels, and guest houses as well as residential properties.
  • A quick and effective treatment for moulds and pathogens, and all types of pest insects such as bed bugs, cockroaches and wood boring pests, killing all stages of an insect’s life cycle from egg to adult.
  • Entotherm is also an ISPM15 certified treatment.


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