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Port Elizabeth

Having grown in stature over the last 45+ years, and backed by a global brand, Rentokil Port Elizabeth has the necessary experience and capacity to deliver beyond your expectations - responsibly and consistently.

Our team of 8 qualified Pest Control technicians and 1 service supervisor are equipped and ready to look after all your pest control needs in the workplace and at home. A wide variety of customers across virtually every business sector means that very little will surprise us. Trust us to make your living and working spaces safer and healthier places to be.

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Rentokil Port Elizabeth: our local expertise

Rentokil pest control Port Elizabeth uses only the best chemicals to control pests in an environmentally friendly manner. With resources used at the same standard as our parent company in Europe  and the rest of the world with local staff members who have extensive knowledge of local conditions and areas.

Port Elizabeth Local Pest Trends


Cockroaches carry a range of pathogenic bacteria that pose significant risk to our health and wellbeing if not kept in check. Resilient pests that require great insight and skill to successfully exterminate. 

Fact: Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so if you see them during the day it usually means there is a heavy infestation!

Preventing an infestation

To prevent cockroaches in your home or business, be sure to not leave liquids in sinks or buckets overnight, and fill up cracks and crevices in the walls, around skirting boards or behind electrical sockets. See more cockroach control tips.

Read more about cockroaches.


Rodents can cause great damage within your house or business. Furthermore, they pose a great health risk as they are carriers of a myriad of pathogens and diseases. Their intelligence, reproductive capacity and ability to harbour dangerous bacteria make them a pest to be extremely wary of. 

Have you noticed gnawing marks?

“Most rats can chew through metals such as copper and aluminium. Because rodents have teeth that grow continuously, they gnaw at things to whittle down their incisors”. – Mario Pluke, Technical Manager.

Due to rats’ gnawing behaviour, it is very important to put in place rat control solutions to prevent them from causing damage to your home and workplace. Not only do they bring about damage, but they spread bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Weil’s disease, to mention a few.

Read more about rodents.

PE Local Pest Trends

Other common pests in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth sees many other pests infesting homes and businesses - some of the common pets include: bed bugs, flies, birds and fleas.

Bed bugs

With Port Elizabeth receiving so many visitors every year as a tourist destination, bed bugs commonly get transported to and from hotels as they tend to hide in luggage where they can be transferred to homes. All it takes is for one bed bug to start reproducing in your home for an infestation to occur. Learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs.


Fleas are a common problem in residences around Port Elizabeth; especially in homes with pets. Flea bites can be very uncomfortable for you and your pets. They also carry and transmit a number of serious diseases, one of which being the bubonic plague. The most common signs of a flea problem is pets scratching, flea eggs and flea dirt.


Though a common sight, flies actually pose a great health risk to humans and animals as they carry and spread a number of diseases like Salmonella and E.coli. For businesses, having a fly problem may negatively affect the reputation of the business. At Rentokil pest control Port Elizabeth we offer fly control services, using innovative technology such as our Lumnia LED fly killer.


Birds are a common pest for homes and businesses in coastal cities like Port Elizabeth. Their droppings can cause damage to buildings and equipment, and they can also carry diseases. See our range of bird proofing methods.

Customer Quotes

Great Rat Control Services

Thank you for Service in excellence from your Technician.

The Technician spend some time at my place due to the severity of the problem and throughout, his Professionalism and endeavor for quality service is indicative why Rentokil is a revered Brand. 

  Rating 9/10

S. Green

Great Personnel

We were so impressed by the service which we received from Alfred. He was incredibly thorough and professional, and was very patient in terms of answering our questions and attending to our concerns.

Alfred went way beyond the call of duty in the service that he provided, and there is no doubt that he brought great credit to Rentokil.” 

  Rating 10/10


Learn more about the questions our Port Elizabeth pest control experts get asked most frequently:

  • How much does it cost for a quotation?

    Our quotations are free, contact us and our friendly consultants will be ready to assist you.

  • How do I reduce the amount of ants in my house?

    Always clean up all food debris and fix leaking taps to ensure ants have to forage outside to get food and water.

  • Why do I still have cockroaches?

    Due to the fact that cockroaches lay eggs and no insecticide can kill the eggs. Therefore, they hatch and your infestation problem will continue until a proper service with a follow up is conducted.

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