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Pest Control East London

Having been in the pest control industry for over 45+ years, our Rentokil East London pest control experts are equipped with years of experience and the ability provide quality services tailored to your specific needs.

Our skilled team of 8 technicians and service supervisors are ready to look after all your pest control needs for your business, as well as at your home. A wide customer base across virtually every business industry means that we are equipped to provide products and services that are best suitable for your company and sector. If you are plagued by pests in your home, we will put in place a solution that is safe for both your family and pets. Trust us to make your living and working spaces safer and healthier places to be.

The service teams consists of 2 Hygiene teams and 4 pest control officers. The service teams are managed by Selwyn Diemieniet who has been within the industry for over 25 years. With the consist ant training and the in-depth knowledge of the relevant quality standards and regulations the East London service teams have become well respected within the industry.

Do you need pest control in East London? Contact us for safe and effective solutions, and we will arrange that a local expert to pay you a visit.

Local Pest Trends


Cockroaches spread a wide range of diseases including salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and E.coli. Furthermore,  their droppings and shed skin lead to allergen accumulation, which triggers asthma attacks in many individuals, especially in children.

Cockroaches in your business?

The sight of cockroaches has the potential to seriously impact the reputation of your business. For businesses in the hospitality or food retail or processing industries, cockroaches contaminate foodstuffs, posing health risks to consumers and employees, additionally they also damage materials such as leather and paper products.

For help with cockroach infestation do contact us for a professional solution.


According to Rentokil’s Technical Manager, Mario Pluke, rats have excellent memories, so once they’ve learnt a path, they never forget it, and soon others will follow. Once the first trace of rats is detected, it is advisable to call in the pest control experts as soon as possible.

Want to get rid of rats?

Tip: To get rid of rats, make sure to fill all cracks in slabs and gaps in expansion joints and clean up all food spillages immediately. See more tips on what you can to get rid of rats that plague your home.

Read more about rodents.

PE Local Pest Trends

Other common pests in East London

East London sees many other pests infesting homes and businesses - some of the common pets include: flies, fleas, bed bugs and birds.

Bed bugs

Bed bug infestation can seriously damage your businesses reputation, East London being a tourists destination makes the likelihood of an infestation more common as they generally get transported to and from hotels by hiding in people's luggage. They are also a nuisance at home as an infestation can occur from just one bed bug reproducing in your home. Learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs.


Fleas are the most common transmitter of the bubonic plague. Their saliva is known to cause flea allergies in pets, furthermore flea dirt can cause the same reaction in humans. the most common signs of a flea problem is pests scratching and the presence of flea eggs. if you need help with fleas at your home or business, contact Rentokil East London for an expert flea treatment.


Flies pose a serious health risk as they feed and lay eggs on garbage, manure and dead animals, it's no surprise that they spread 65 different diseases. The presence of a fly infestation may hurt your business' reputation. Rentokil pest control East London has many solutions to fly infestation, the popular choice being the innovative Lumnia Fly Killer. Contact us for fly prevention solutions


Birds are seen as pests as they bring problems ranging from general nuisance and building defacement to posing serious health risks as bird droppings spread various diseases. Bird nests can block pipes and attract secondary pests such as snakes in some instances. See our range of bird proofing methods.

Customer Quotes

Perfect Pest Control Audit

“Thank you for all your assistance with regards to our recent FSSC 2200 audit. There were no findings regarding pest control and that is thanks to you. Much appreciated.”
  Rating 9/10

Pest Control Services

Of course I have to give them a 10 out of 10. These guys are excellent. They are always on time and I really never have an issue regarding the service. Its awesome." 
  Rating 10/10

East LondonFAQs

Learn more about the questions our East London pest control experts get asked most frequently:

  • Why do I need a MyRentokil site?

    The MyRentokil site allows you to manage your pest control program from your desk. All data is available digitally, therefore there's no need to look for documentation when it comes to audits. You are able to manage outstanding recommendations from your office without needing to be on site. These recommendations are recorded by our qualified PCO while completing his/her inspections. Furthermore, you are able to receive in depth reports of what infestation levels are on site

  • Why is there an infestation?

    There are 3 critical elements that pests require to thrive; food , water and harbourage. removing at least one of these elements will help reduce or eliminate the infestation.

  • Why do I still have a pest problem?

    There could be a number of reasons, the most common ones are improper housekeeping, stacking and proofing that contribute to an infestation. For professional cleaning solutions visit our Initial hygiene site 


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