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As the majority of ant species prefer sunny climates, our environment is perfect for ants to thrive in.

Although black or garden ants aren’t thought to carry diseases, they can be a particular nuisance when they get into your home. Considering that ants frequently travel through unsanitary areas before they end up on your countertops, you won’t want them marching through your food cupboards.

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Did you Spot the following Signs of Ants?

Ants will travel widely in search for food, following trails they have established and clustering around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organisations and businesses. 

Small piles of earth around holes in soil and at the base of exterior walls indicate their origin.

Think you might have an ant infestation? See what signs to look out for.

FACT: Some birds spread their wings on an ant’s nest to get ants in their feathers. It is thought that this is because the ants squirt formic acid that gets rid of bird parasites.

Dealing with Ant Infestations

Tips for dealing with ant infestations:

  • Track down ants’ access points and seal off the entry point
  • Clear up any sticky residues on work tops, as ants are attracted to sweet things
  • Cover up any foodstuffs which could be a food source for ants

If you have a larger problem that your usual DIY ant control product or the above mentioned, cannot resolve, you can rely on our experts to clear it up.

Our Pest Control Technicians offer quick and effective methods of ant control that are targeted to specific ant species. Our pest control services and products are perfectly safe to use around your family and pets.

Ant Species and Guides

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