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Fumigation Solutions

Rentokil has been providing fumigation services throughout South Africa for over 50 years. We provide on-going training to our pest control technicians, enabling them to provide the most efficient fumigation and pest control service whenever you need it.

We deliver practical fumigation solutions to safeguard businesses such as logistics, shipping and bulk cargo, manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, milling and agriculture.

Rentokil fumigators are registered to carry out services using the following fumigant gasses: Methyl Bromide, Phosphine and Sulfuryl Fluoride (Profume).

We offer the following fumigation services:

Why choose Rentokil for fumigation?

We deliver a safe, effective fumigation service by:

  • Using the latest fumigant technology to avoid extensive disruption to your operations.
  • Using the most appropriate fumigant for the commodity to be treated. 
  • Dispensing the correct amount of fumigant gas using accurate measuring equipment.
  • Distributing the fumigant gas throughout the product using gas feed lines.
  • Using calibrated measuring equipment necessary for accurate readings to ensure a successful fumigation.
  • Thoroughly aerating the product after the fumigation to expel the fumigant gasses to acceptable levels.
  • Providing a certificate of fumigation if required for export purposes.
  • Following all prescribed regulations and complying to all legislation.
  • Not offering Fumigation-in-transit for trucks. This service is deemed illegal, and is discouraged by SAPCA.
  • Offering fumigation support in other countries (should this be a requirement) through our global branch network

Mitigating your risk by:

  • Complying with local government regulations and legislation, the fumigant manufacturer’s product label and MSDS, and our own global and local operating procedures and safe working practices.
  • Carrying out a full detailed risk assessment before any work commences to identify if it is safe to do the work, highlight any potential hazards, or pre-empt any remedial action that may be required.
  • Painstakingly taping and sealing the commodity to avoid fumigant leakages and ensure a successful treatment.
  • Using specialised gas leakage detection tools to identify leakages quickly and actioning.
  • Auditing our branches regularly and ensuring they have the correct equipment and tools required for each task.
  • Supporting our fumigators with additional colleague back-up: Supervisors, the Fumigation Manager and/or Quality Assurance
  • Managers are available during fumigation treatments.
  • Regularly re-assessing our qualified Technicians.
  • Ensuring that our teams are always informed of the latest regulations, innovation and pest trends.


Local and Global Support

Rentokil Sub-Saharan Africa has the support and expertise of our local and global technical teams and fumigation treatments are carried out by highly qualified, competent technicians who are assessed and trained regularly.


Our stringent safety protocols are focussed on keeping both our customers and our technicians safe, and ensuring that the service being carried out is effective. Rentokil will conduct a thorough risk assessment before work commences to mitigate any liabilities for the customer or the company.

We use the latest fumigant technology to avoid extensive disruption to your operations. All our fumigation solutions comply with relevant legislation, which includes the manufacturers’ MSDS, government regulations, our own global rules and regulations, and our standard operating procedures which are specific to each task. We also comply with CORESTA principles in the treatment of tobacco.

Guaranteeing Efficacy

  • Gas measuring and monitoring equipment is used throughout the treatment, guaranteeing that the correct amount of fumigant gas is inserted into the area, and
  • gas lines will provide accurate readings to ensure the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Specialised gas leakage detection tools are used to identify any gas leakages, so that remedial actions can be taken.
  • Our technicians wear personal protective breathing and safety equipment throughout a fumigation treatment, keeping them safe.

After any fumigation work has been carried out, full aeration is required to expel the fumigant and only once these readings are at the acceptable level, will the work be deemed to have been  completed.


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