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EcoCatch Fly Trap is reusable & is made from 30% recycled plastics

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Fly Trap - EcoCatch External Fly Control

Your first line of defence against flies entering your business. EcoCatch stands as a sustainable outdoor fly trap offering non-toxic and flexible fly control. It is designed to deal with ‘public health flies’ such as house flies, lesser house flies, blow flies, fruit flies and other species of flies. Flies can damage your business reputation, contaminate your stock, and spread diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli.

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Exterior Fly Catcher

EcoCatch fly traps work to limit  the number of flies before they get inside your home or business. They're effective in reducing the amount of flies around outdoor areas of your premises, be it hospitality venues, hotel and garden areas, terraces or outdoor waste areas. When paired with other Rentokil fly control solutions, EcoCatch helps lower the chances of flies invading your property.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Fly Traps

These devices offer a safe and sustainable solution for managing 'public health flies' in your outdoor spaces. They are also:

  • Sustainable - These traps are made of non-toxic, reusable materials suitable for outdoor use, eliminating the risk of pesticide contamination. Over 30% of the unit is crafted from recycled plastics.
  • Flexible Installation -Operating without the need for electricity, these traps offer flexibility in where they can be placed.. They can be easily wall-mounted, hung, or securely positioned on a flat surface, making them suitable for any outdoor location.
  • Effective Attractant - EcoCatch utilises the 'contrast effect' to maximise its appeal to public health flies. Coupled with a non-toxic luring solution, it effectively draws flies away from customers, making it highly efficient outdoors.
  • Discreet & Secure Design - These traps feature an unobtrusive inner container that securely captures flies, keeping them out of public view. The solid plastic container and lockable casing reduce the risk of damage and prevent spillages, maintaining a clean and tidy environment.

Why do you need EcoCatch External Fly Traps?

The presence of flies can significantly impact your premises in several ways:
  • Spread of pathogens and diseases like Salmonella and E. coli.
  • Potential damage to your business reputation.
  • Contamination of your products and inventory.
  • Discomfort for both customers and staff.

To safeguard your business from the detrimental effects of public health flies, investing in an effective and flexible external fly control solution like EcoCatch fly traps is essential.

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