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Past Events

3rd June 2015
Cresta Shopping Centre

Pestaurant in South Africa

For the second year around, Rentokil South Africa took part in the global Pestaurant event that was held at Cresta Shopping Centre in Randburg, Gauteng on the 3rd June 2015 which offered a unique experience of sweet and savoury edible insects. Many a visitor attended this event - proving brave enough to try our insect treats for themselves, with the chocolate brownie surprise being the favourite sweet treat of the day.

On the 4th June 2014, the first ever global Pestaurant took place in 12 countries around the world, visited by 13 300 people. In South Africa, Rentokil’s Pestaurant appeared at the Cape Town International Convention Centre during The Good Food and Wine Show.

Pestaurant Treats

Our chocolate brownies contained a special ingredient - meal worms - and was a clear favourite at the 2015 Pestaurant.

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Why Pestaurant?

The aim of this event is to encourage you to be more adventurous with your food and promoting the health benefits of an insect rich diet already enjoyed by billions across the globe.

Eating insects (Entomophagy) is recognized by the UN as a viable food source. Eating insects can enrich your diet with higher levels of protein as well as zinc and calcium. What’s more, insects are low in fat - so why not indulge! Did you know that crickets can contain up to 25g of protein per 100g? Now, that alone is a reason to join our insect eating challenge!

Edible insects at Pestaurant

Edible Insects and Insect Awareness

The aim of Rentokil’s Pestaurant is to raise your awareness of common pest problems and demonstrate our commitment to professional pest control and innovation, helping us to stay one step ahead of the natural evolution of pests. Our team of experts will be available to offer valuable advice and top tips on how to avoid a pest infestation in your home or at work, and answer any of your pest related concerns.


At the past Pestaurant event in June 2015, a selection of both savoury and sweet insect treats were offered. Many Pestauranteers were up for the challenge and indulged their adventurous side. Stay tuned for future events!

Download the Pestaurant menu.

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