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Wood Borer Treatment

After one of our experienced surveyors has carried out a thorough inspection, assessing the extent of any problem, the type of Wood Borer involved and determined if the infestation is active, an appropriate Wood Borer treatment will be recommended.

We provide wood borer treatments in the Gauteng and the Western Cape regions. Fumigation will be performed on wooden furniture and any other wooden items on our premises, while containers and silos will be fumigated on your property. Please note that we do not treat any buildings or structures for wood borer.

All Wood Borer treatments are specially designed to disrupt at least one of the lifecycle stages of the beetles. Ours target the young larvae buried in the timber.

Servicing the Western Cape and Gauteng

We are only able to provide wood borer treatments in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We fumigate wooden items at our premises and containers and silo's on your premises. If you're situated in any other part of South Africa, we can advise you on local service providers that will be able to assist in performing wood borer control solutions.

How to Get Rid of Wood Borers

Rentokil technicians use specialist treatments to get rid of Wood Borer problems:

  • Water based treatment - Designed to minimise the exposure of people, pets and the environment to chemicals used within our treatments. To assist with long-term protection the solution will remain within the layers of the timber, cracks, crevices and flight holes to prevent any future infestations becoming established. Our wood borer treatments also help in treating fungal decay. 

  • Fumigation - ProFume is a specialist fumigation treatment. It is a gas fumigant with the active ingredient Sulfuryl Fluoride. This fumigation process effectively eliminates all life stages of wood boring insect infestations.

  • Heat Treatment - Rentokil’s new Heat Pod eliminates all types bed bugs and other insects through the application of heat within a unique, Rentokil designed, Heat Pod. This chemical-free heat remedy reaches all areas of insect infested materials placed within the Heat Pod. It only requires a single treatment to solve an insect pest problem quickly with minimum disruption.

With a lifecycle of at least 3 to 4 years there may still be some beetles that reach adulthood and emerge from the timber after treatment. This is known as 'post treatment emergence'. Any eggs that these ‘post treatment emergence’ beetles leave in cracks, crevices or old flight holes of the treated timbers will not survive, which means that the Wood Borer lifecycle will have been broken.


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