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Pre-Construction Termite Protection

Research conducted by Rentokil has shown that the fear generated by termites far outstrips the likes of cockroaches, rodents and spiders.

It is a fear triggered by the need to provide security and protection for our home and family, as well as establishments and properties.

As such, the use of a pre-construction termite protection system is a huge selling point for properties. This is a  termite control treatment service whereby termiticide is applied to the soil during the construction phase of buildings to prevent termites.

Providing Long-term Termite Protection

At Rentokil, we partner with builders to provide an effective product, and deliver consistent and quality service across all construction projects.

Service benefits:

  • National coverage - Rentokil is the only provider of pre-construction termite systems that has national coverage.
  • Cost-effective - Our dedicated installation team focuses on being a business partner that saves time and money for our building customers.
  • Guaranteed protection - We’re so confident in our work that we guarantee our termite prevention services with our comprehensive check-ups.
"Rentokil's skilled technicians are qualified in the field of termite control. As a member of SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association), we would advise customers to only make use of registered SAPCA members to ensure an efficient and safe service is provided. All termiticides are applied in line product label specifications as well as the South African National Standards."

Mario Puke - Rentokil's Technical Manager

Which Termite Solution is Right for You?

We have a suite of pre-construction termite systems to protect your project, whether it’s an extension, renovation or new home, on a concrete slab, bearers or joist. Rentokil can provide a termite protection for you.

Rentokil’s preferred system is a physical termite barrier built into your new construction, providing long lasting termite control for your client.

Other systems are available based on regulatory approval for chemical soil treatments.

Call Rentokil on 0861 117 851 to discuss the benefits of our pre-construction termite protection plan.


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