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It is rare to encounter a snake problem and - as shy creatures - if you see one, it is likely that they will simply be passing-by as quickly as possible. Snakes tend to avoid contact with people and will therefore steer clear of you and your pets.

Providing Snake Advice

Although we don't cover snakes as part of our usual pest control programme, we can provide you with advice. Snake problems do, however need to be dealt with using very specific skills. If you have concerns regarding a snake issue, especially non-native snakes, we would urge you to contact your local SPCA centre or Zoo for specialist assistance.

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Snake Species

There are three main snake species that you will encounter in South Africa:

Most South African snakes are harmless and not aggressive unless provoked. If snakes are provoked they can bite. For your own safety and that of the snake, you should never touch them and whenever possible, please try not to be alarmed. Click here to understand the signs of the presence of snakes.


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