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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions by our customers and have listed the most frequently asked ones here:

  • Do you offer different types of fumigation service

    Our teams are fully trained and qualified to carry out the following services:

    -We do not offer Fumigation-in-transit (FIT) as this practice is illegal under the guidelines provided by the chemical supplier and SAPCA.

    -In-transit fumigation using Methyl Bromide is illegal due to the properties of this fumigant.

    -Phosphine in transit fumigation is only allowed if proper arrangements are in place with the various role players, country specific legislation, maritime authorities, etc

  • What certification do your technicians have?

    • All our technicians have P. numbers and are registered with DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry)
    • Senior technicians are given specific and intensive training on fumigation before being allowed to perform fumigation services
    • Our technicians undergo rigorous ongoing internal training and are assessed quarterly through Performance appraisals.
    • All Rentokil business are audited to ensure full compliance to global requirements

  • How long will the fumigated area be out of bounds?

    • Depending on the type of treatment, 24 hours to 7 days.
    • As per individual risk assessment

  • How do you manage the client’s safety?

    • A Service Level Agreement detailing all safety protocols will be put in place on acceptance of our proposal.
    • A complete Site Specific Risk Assessment is completed and needs to be signed off before any work is carried out.

  • How many technicians will carry out the work?

    Depending on the size, complexity and safety requirements of the job, we will have either one technician or a team. A team will include a Fumigator in charge, Fumigator and a number of Fumigation assistants.

  • What personal safety equipment do you provide?

    Depending on the type of fumigation, we provide the following:

    • SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus)
    • Full face mask with filter
    • Personal detection monitors
    • Protective clothing issued to all colleagues

  • How often is your safety equipment checked?

    • All teams have their own safety equipment and this is checked monthly
    • Some equipment may require calibration, and this is managed by our technical teams.

  • Is there a guarantee on the services provided?

    • The fumigation is guaranteed to kill all stages of the insect life cycle
    • The product can however be reinfested should it be stored with infested goods as fumigation does not leave a protective residue

  • Do you offer export clearance certificates?

    We offer a certificate of fumigation which is required for exports to certain countries

  • Do you offer liability insurance?

    As a business we have liability cover which is required to run a pest control business in South Africa.

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