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Container Fumigation

Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity or the container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state.

A container normally comes in two sizes:

  • 6 metres (20 Ft or 33.2m3) containers.
  • 12 metres (40 Ft or 67.7m3) containers.

Container Fumigation Solutions

There are two main ways to fumigate containers:
  • Pressure Decay: Pressure decay fumigation involves the pressure testing of the container to a value which ensures that the integrity of the container is kept intact and that there are no opportunities for leakage of the gas through unsealed spaces.  If the container can maintain that value for time duration then the container is classified as “Gas Tight” and therefore may be fumigated without being covered with a tarp to provide a seal for fumigation. In other cases, the client will need to make use of a supplier that will be able to seal the container to avoid gas leakage.
  • Tarped Fumigation: Tarped fumigation is when no pressure decay is used or the container fails pressure decay. The container is covered with a gas proof fumigation tarp and sand snaked around all of the edges to achieve and maintain a gas seal.

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