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Looking for effective advice on how to get rid of flies on your premises?

Fly control is an important part of pest control for all businesses. Problems with flies or a fly infestation can lead to an unhygienic and unhealthy environment for customers and employees. For food manufacturing businesses, fly control is a critical element of HACCP compliance.

Rentokil South Africa offers fly control treatments, electric fly control units and expert advice tailored to your specific requirements to effectively control fly infestations. Rentokil’s fly control programme covers:

  • Accurate identification of flies by our experienced pest control technicians. Identification is a crucial step in designing a fly program to get rid of flies in your business.
  • Identification of fly breeding sites and entry points. Our technicians offer appropriate housekeeping and Insect proofing advice to prevent flies from gaining access to your premises, and to break the breeding cycle.
  • Treatments such as spraying, fly bait stations, ultra-low volume fogging and fly control units specifically designed to meet your business’ requirements.
  • Call us now on 0800 117 851 to arrange a free site survey, or email us and ensure that you don’t get caught by the flying squad.

Did you know that flies are potential carriers of a wide range of disease? Flies are known to spread diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis and E.Coli as they move from decaying matter to food and other surfaces.

Danger Signs to look out for

Fruit Fly Control
How to establish whether your business is at risk of a fly infestation:
  • Clusters of flies, either alive or dead.
  • Fly spots or droppings, produced when flies feed and defecate. These are often found in the upper reaches of a room, such as on light fittings and picture rails, as this is where flies settle at night.
  • Maggots, which are flies in their larval stage. They are commonly found in unwashed rubbish bins and refuse areas.

Business consequences

Fly infestations on your premises can lead to the following negative outcomes:

Cluster Fly
  • Damage: Fly control issues can seriously affect a business’s reputation, but also their audit performance. Flies contaminate food products as well as cause damage to your health and hygiene reputation. Horse flies, Autumn flies and Sand flies bite people and animals, which are not only a major source of annoyance, but are a health concern.
  • Poor impression: A fly problem will create an impression of dirt and neglect.
  • Cost: Non-compliance with legislation can lead to fines and reduced income from fewer customers. For HACCP compliant businesses, the cost of failing an audit can be substantial.

Steps to take in getting rid of flies

  • Call us now on 0800 117 851 or email us to arrange a free fly control inspection. Our trained pest control consultants will provide you with expert advice on how to get rid of flies on your premises and also implement fly control solutions prevent the problem from re-occurring.
House Fly Control
  • Getting rid of  flies’ breeding environment and food source is essential for effective long term fly control. Rubbish areas should be regularly cleaned and bins fitted with tight-fitting lids.
  • Insect proofing your business. This means restricting flies' access by installing fly screens and ensuring that windows and doors are shut whenever possible.
  • Installation of Luminos Fly Control Units in strategic places, especially sensitive areas such as food preparation and dining areas, to ensure high levels of fly control. Our qualified pest control technicians will advise you on the correct, most effective placement of your Luminos units.
  • Regular inspections from qualified technicians to prevent any recurrence of a fly infestation and keep you fly problem under control.

For more information on fly control solutions and how to get rid of flies, please read our Fly Management Brochure PDF

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