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Our 16 residential and commercial technicians guarantee prompt and reliable pest control services due to our efficient planning and execution. We service a broad band of the market and have the expertise in dealing with all pest related problems from industrial, and commercial to retail and domestic markets. 

Our pest control services are backed with the professional support from our Quality Assurance department and up to date training on innovations within the pest control industry. 

Are pests plaguing your premises? Contact us today to arrange for a visit from your local expert in the Rentokil Durban branch.

"Upon joining Rentokil, I was first appointed as a Branch Manager for a multi branch and then relocated to the Rentokil Durban branch as a Pest Control Branch Manager. Having been with the company for the past 5 years, I am truly privileged to work with such a highly motivated and qualified team. Each of these individuals bring exceptional capabilities to the table in delivering an expert, quality service."

Russell Mackenzie - Durban Branch Manager

Local Pest Trends

Insects and Rodents

The humidity in Durban is fairly intense during the summer months and insects such as flies and cockroaches, as well as rodents such as rats and mice are pests that regularly plague premises. 


Termite activity and ant treatment is an annual business although these pests become more prevalent in the summer months. Did you know that termites are the most costly pests to have around, as termite damage can weaken building structures and costs thousands of Rands in repair and maintenance costs? Termites eat through wood and even through some brickwork!

Read about termites.

Success Stories

"We pride ourselves on our ability to react quickly to problems and that our culture is one of teamwork. All team players have various levels of expertise, however they gel as a unit and tap into each other's strengths when required."

Russell Mackenzie

If you have pest problems at home, feel free to give the Rentokil Durban experts a call on 0861 117 852, or on 0861 117 851 if you require a tailored pest control solution for your business.