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Our twelve experienced colleagues in the Rentokil Polokwane branch work together as a team, offering expert advice and capabilities when dealing with commercial and residential pest problems. 

We deliver the best quality of service at all times, responding promptly to any type of pest problem in the area. As customer satisfaction is our priority, we provide an integrated pest management solution to provide effective and efficient services to all of our customers. 

Do you have a pest infestation? Contact us to arrange for a visit from an expert in our pest control Polokwane branch.

"I joined the organisation in 1991 at Rentokil tropical plants as a stock controller, moved to the then Healthcare that changed to Initial in Pretoria as service controller for 5 years and moved to Supervisor from 2004 to 2008 where 17 service colleagues were reporting to me. In March 2008, I was appointed as Rentokil Operations Manager in the Polokwane Branch and was then promoted to Branch Manager in 2013. I am currently studying Business Management to provide even more expertise to my role."

William Masipa - Polokwane Branch Manager

Local Pest Trends

Flies, Rodents and Cockroaches

Common pests such as flies, rodents and cockroaches can be seen in most of Polokwane and surrounding areas. We encourage all commercial customers and residents to seek professional help to keep pest infestations under control. Our qualified and experienced team has been approved by the Department of Agriculture to handle pest problems.

The creepy, the crawly and the gnawing

The risk of contamination from flies is especially high in the food manufacturing and processing industry, as well as food catering and restaurant markets, whereby these flying insects can not only pose a health risk, but cause major damage to a company’s reputation as well.

The brown rat and the house mouse are widespread throughout South Africa’s more densely populated areas. Rodents are nocturnal and build their nests in wall cavities, under floors, in roof spaces and close to areas where they can scavenge for food and water. Learn more about rats and mice.

Because a single female cockroach can produce up to 300 offspring in her lifetime, it is essential to act swiftly when spotting even one cockroach inside your home. Here is a tip: Clean regularly under large kitchen appliances – such as the stove and fridge – as food may get trapped underneath, and be sure not to leave liquids standing overnight. See more cockroach prevention tips.


Termites are one of the most prominent pests found in the Polokwane area. They can cause structural damage in sub-floor areas, foundations and skirting boards. Our pest control technicians treat termites using approved materials and products. Learn about termites.

Termite tips

What to do if you have a problem with termites? Remove stored timber, debris and cellulose materials from under, in and around the property and under the house and remove dead trees or stumps. Learn what else you can do to get rid of termites.