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Are pests scaring you out of your home this Halloween? The Rentokil experts are a pest’s worst nightmare

Halloween is around the corner and this American holiday is fast becoming an event on the South African calendar too. Halloween is the one night of the year when we take it upon ourselves to scare one another, whether it’s by covering yourself from head to toe in fake blood or decorating your home to be the most terrifying in the neighbourhood.   

But for some people there is nothing as scary as the thought of pests invading in their home. Scratching noises in the roof, the scuttle of cockroaches behind the fridge, something sucking your blood in bed while you sleep; these things are enough to scare the daylights out of one.

The experts at Rentokil are made of sterner stuff, and this year for Halloween, they’re turning the tables on pests. Rentokil’s trained and skilled technicians are a pest’s worst nightmare!

Nothing should scare a bed bug more than watching a Rentokil pest controller arrive on the scene. As traditional insecticides are not always effective against bed bug eggs, this blood-sucking pest is often very hard to eradicate.  Not for Rentokil’s innovative Entotherm heat treatment. Heat is one of the best treatments for a bed bug problem, controlling an infestation at every stage of an insect’s life cycle. The Entotherm heat pod by Rentokil is a chemical-free pest control technique designed to successfully control insect infestations such as bed bugs.

As opposed to traditional forms of bed bug treatments, the Entotherm heat pod reaches all areas of insect infested materials where previous methods would not be able to penetrate.  Rentokil’s heat pod has been designed to be quick and easy to set up within a customer’s premises, reducing the disruption to workflow and eliminating the risk of items being damaged.  

Rodents are known to be nocturnal pests and enjoy scuttling around after dark, although this won’t be the case after an expert technician from Rentokil appears on the scene. Rentokil’s rat bait stations contain rodenticide only accessible to rodents and are therefore an effective way to control a rat and mice infestation. Because they are tamper resistant, they are safe to place in areas where children and pests are present.  

Over 45 years’ experience in the field has proved Rentokil’s pest technicians’ scary reputation with rodents, insects and other pests.  Turn the tables on blood sucking pests this Halloween. Every Rentokil technician has the skills, and knowledge, required to successfully manage a pest problem, offering you the best advice on how to get rid of pests, as well as the correct course of treatment for your home or business.    

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