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The experts at Rentokil share their advice for a pest-free Valentine's Day

According to Mario Pluke, Technical Manager at Rentokil, there are numerous things we do on a daily basis that show pests just how much we want them in our homes and lives, and which we should avoid if we want a pest-free Valentine's Day.

  • Pests love it when we bring them home to meet the family: 
    Frequent travellers may bring home more than just a suitcase. The most common way of transferring bed bugs to your home is by staying at a hotel with an infestation, and then bringing them home in your suitcase. Bedbugs or their eggs attach to clothing or suitcases and are then transported back to your home. You can prevent this by always using the luggage rack provided by hotels, and by washing your clothes on a hot wash (60 degrees) when you get home to kill any eggs. Fabric luggage can also be left outdoors in the sun to kill any eggs which may have travelled with you. 

  • Pests love it when we make it easy for them to visit:
    Rodents especially love it when we make it easy for them to pop in. Mice can find their way into your home through an opening a mere 1cm wide, so prevent unwelcome visitors by making sure that all cracks and crevices are sealed, and that doors are sealed with rubber strips. Install backwater valves in toilets to prevent rats swimming up to visit. 

  • Pest love it when we leave leftovers:
    Cockroaches and rats both love to feast on our leftovers, so don't provide a standing buffet for these intruders. The first line of defence for establishing rodent and cockroach control is to regularly clean under the stove and behind the fridge, and make sure that leftovers are always packed into a sealed container and put into the fridge.

  • Pests love the treats we feed our pets:
    Dog, cat, and bird food is very appealing to rodents and cockroaches, so they really love it when we leave bowls of food out overnight for our pets. Pet food bowls should be removed and cleaned once pets have finished eating, and any spills cleaned up immediately. Treats like doggy chews should also be cleaned up regularly. Larger containers of pet food should be stored in sealed containers to get rid of rats, mice and cockroaches before they decide to invite themselves over for a feast.

By following these simple suggestions pests should get the message that the romance is over and it's time to move out. Have a happy, pest free Valentine's Day! 

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