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Tips from the Experts on how to Get Rid of Flies this summer

Not only are flies annoying, but they also spread harmful diseases. Rentokil shares tips on how to get rid of flies this summer.

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Are pests scaring you out of your home this Halloween? The Rentokil experts are a pest’s worst nightmare

Halloween is the time where we take it upon ourselves to scare one another. But what do pests do at Halloween? ...Well they have a party of course!

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Tips on How to Protect Your Home from Termites

Did you know that termite damage can cost thousands of Rands in repair costs? The experts at Rentokil share advice on how to look for the signs of a termite infestation.

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Rentokil offers advice from the experts on cockroach control

There are 3,500 different species of cockroach found worldwide, and about 10% of these are found in South Africa. The three species most commonly found in and around our homes are the German, American and Oriental cockroaches

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The experts at Rentokil share their advice for a pest-free Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day we asked our resident Expert at Rentokil Pest Control to tell us about all those little things we do which pests just love!

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