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Deterring Garden Moles

Some businesses are willing to put up with a small number of moles on their property, particularly as these creatures are not known to carry diseases.

In this case, all we would recommend is that you remove the freshly dug earth from the molehills and flatten lawns with a roller if you feel that is necessary.

Old Wives Tales to Avoid Garden Moles

There are many quirky stories about how you can deter garden moles:

  • Putting glass or unpleasant smelling moth balls into the tunnels
  • Placing children’s windmills in the soil with the hope that the vibration, as the blades turn, will prevent the highly sensitive moles returning
  • Growing plants such as alliums and caper surge

Unfortunately these treatments have no scientific credibility whatsoever and, sometimes, they will do more harm than good.

The fact is, if moles find you have soft, fertile soil full of tasty earthworms and grubs, there is little you can do to deter them. Professional trapping and fumigation are the only reliable solutions to treat an unwanted mole problem.

If you’re not certain if you have a garden mole problem, click here for the telltale signs.

Professional Garden Mole Prevention

Although Rentokil does not offer a mole control service, your local Yellow Pages will be able to provide you with a mole control and removal operator.

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