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The Empangeni branch provides services to industrial, commercial and residential markets. Our pest control services are backed with the professional support from our quality assurance department and up to date training on innovations to deliver expert service to our customers. 

Our 6 qualified pest control technicians provide a high level of service, ensuring constant customer satisfaction throughout all touch points. 

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"I joined the Rentokil family in 2010 as a Branch Manager based in a multi branch. In 2013 I transferred to the Durban branch as the Branch Manager for Pest Control. Having worked with many exceptional performers within the company, I am honoured to work with a skilled team, each whose unique skills contribute to an expert service."

Russell Mackenzie - Empangeni Branch Manager

Local Pest Trends

Insects and Rodents

The humidity in Empangeni is rather intense during the summer months, whilst winters can get relatively cold. In the warmer season, the day-to-day services requires the control of flying insects and cockroaches, whilst rodents prefer to seek the harbourages of homes during the winter.

Although the treatment of ants and termites are performed annually, these pests are much more active during the warmer months, as they breed in summer time.

Local Expertise

"All of my team members have at some stage in their careers been singled out for an exceptional performance and have received acknowledgement. We pride ourselves on each of our capabilities that results in bringing together a high level of expertise in each service offered to our clients, in the sense of each skilled team member brings his and her own unique skill set to the table, resulting in an expert pest control solution and customer satisfaction."

Russell Mackenzie

Do you have problems with pests? Our Empangeni pest control technicians are local to you and will put in place a solution to effectively get rid of rats, mice, ants or any other unwelcome insects that plague your property.

Let the experts take care of it. Call us on 0861 117 851 for a tailored pest control solution for your business; or on 0861 117 852 for a residential service that is safe for both your family and pets.