Top 4 helpful DIY Fly and Mosquito prevention tips

Flies land on all sorts of unhygienic areas before landing on your food!

Flies land on all sorts of unhygienic areas before landing on your food!

by Peta Florus

While driving to work this morning, the topic of discussion on the radio was ‘your favourite scent of summer’. If you love summer the way I do, then the smell of salty sea air is right up there with freshly mown grass and summer fruit. There was one that I had to giggle about; the smell of Doom! Yes – the brand of insecticide – one of many insecticides synonymous with the summer season and most recently the topic of a news story we shall not mention.

As we welcome summer with open arms, we also open our homes to all things winged. No matter how well you cover up those lamb chops and wors from these flying ninjas, they manage to weasel their way in. Not to mention the swarming that happens when you enjoy a seafood delicacy; it seems that flies enjoy those too. By the time you have dealt with keeping the flies off your braai and finishing your meal, it’s bed time… and that means feeding time for the mozzies!

Tips for getting rid of flies and mosquitoes at home

This time around, I was prepared for these buzzing critters. I had the Rentokil man on my side. He provided me with these preventive tips to help get rid of flies and mosquitoes in my home:

  • Fly screens: to prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering, be sure to fit fly screens to windows. This way you can still have a nice breeze coming in, without the hassle of unwanted visitors.
  • Remove any possible breeding grounds for flies and mozzies: Do away with sources of still standing water as this makes this the perfect breeding for mosquitoes and clean up after your pets as flies breed in faeces (before landing on your food, yuck!).
  • Clear up dead flies and mosquitoes: Dead flies and mozzies are a food source for other insects and might attract them indoors.
  • Natural insect repellents: planting garlic, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus close to windows and doors, helps to repel insects from entering your home.
Mosquito prevention tips

Mozzies love arriving at the most inopportune moments – such as when you’re trying to get a goodnight’s rest!

For more tips, visit our flies and mosquitoes pages>

In addition to these tips, I was also glad to hear about the flying insect spray treatment that can be used inside my home as well as outdoors – phew! I also get a nifty insecticide spray unit with 6 refills (enough to last the entire summer!) which allows me to select the spray intervals, and it comes with a one month guarantee. I was immediately sold and not disappointed at all. The only complaint I have is that now that I don’t get to practice my badminton shots on the flies anymore, I don’t seem to be getting much exercise … I’ve had to resort to alternatives like walking in park which is great.

I’ve also invested in a desktop fan to use while I’m cooking which has been a great deterrent for the flies – as they can’t land in a crosswind – and at the same time it keeps me cool. And when the sun sets, I close the windows to keep the mosquitoes out. So far summer has been a walk in the park … literally.

If you need any help with pestering flies or mosquitoes, send us an email or call us on 0861 117 852.

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