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Top Business ConsultantI notice that I haven’t contributed to the debugged blog for sometime, partly due to time constraints, I guess rolling out a new Ambius website for South Africa, getting my car crushed between two trucks, whilst remaining positive at all times didn’t leave me much time to do a blog post!

I like to live by the philosophy that it’s usually the toughest times that make you fly the highest. It was Henry Ford who said: “Remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”.

I struggled for a while to think of what I could write about, and while I was deep in thought (watching a page that my colleague had just printed, which said “Top Sales Consultant” come out of the printer) I wondered to myself about who is really the top or most efficient consultant?

I was absolutely AMAZED at what I found out:

I found this employee who:

  • Sees an average of 5700 potential customers per month
  • Never sleeps
  • Very fast runner
  • Covers a sales territory of 1,221,037 sq km (the whole of the Republic of South Africa in fact)
  • Never complains that they are too busy
  • Uses very little space
  • Has not taken a days leave since I have worked here
  • Doesn’t go on holiday
  • Shares his office with 160 other employees
  • **Uses very little energy
  • Doesn’t earn a Salary
  • Doesn’t have car allowance, or any fringe benefits
  • Has a huge knowledge base on various Pest Control
  • Knows the technical manuals word for word
  • Can be found at anytime of the day or night
  • Never late for work
  • Ready to accept change at anytime of the day
  • Is found above most competitors
  • Will never work for the opposition
  • Never has hidden agenda’s
  • Doesn’t require a Visa to go to other countries
  • Recommended by Google
  • Requires little management and supervision
  • Has no prejudices
  • Deals not only with Customers, but also invoices queries, odd complaint, re-scheduling services and many other adhoc activities.
  • If you haven’t guessed it already, this employee is the website. Is it arrogant for us to assume that the website is a valuable tool and those that contribute towards it are valuable asset to the business?

    So the next time a Sales consultant or business achieves its Goal or Target, bear in mind to give a mention to the Rentokil super consultant, as I’m almost sure at some point the website assisted you.

    Special mention must go to Caroline and her team who look after these websites and ensure the efficient running of Rentokil’s online presence. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.


    **Using Standard Server, a 427W server running 24/7 would directly consume 3741 KWH of electricity annually, or ~$400.00 at the USA commercial pricing average of $0.107/KWH. Factoring in the cooling load at 1X (2.0 PUE) puts the annual energy cost per server at ~$800

    Pic credit: iStockphoto. Image for illustrative purposes only.
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