The Pest Control Drag Race


Rentokil wins the raceI decided to do another post just to let everyone know I’m alive and well, and I think this story is definitely newsworthy.

The other day after I was returning from an extensive bird control job and who should pull up next to me at the traffic light? One of Rentokil South Africa’s biggest pest control competitors service vehicle’s. I tried to act like I wasn’t reading the decals on the side of his vehicle, as I knew I was the best on the road. As I looked out the corner of my eye, our eyes connected.

Even though he had no possible way of identifying that I work for Rentokil, by the glistering look in his eyes he somehow knew that we were enemies, the tension between us was fierce. I decided I would throw the first punch, so I aligned my car bonnet with his utility van, and gave my accelerators a little jab to warm up the engine, signaling that “its on”; I was going to show this gentlemen who the best pest control company is. I then gave a cold stare at the competitor, almost to say “I dare you”, but he was obviously pretending to look away.

I pulled my seatbelt taught, engaged the vehicles transmission and clenched both my fists tight on the steering wheel to the point where I could see the white of my knuckles. Then gave the competitor another look hoping to catch his eye this time, but he was now staring at the robot light. By this sign I had already identified his game plan, he was going to pull a sneak attack and catch me off guard. I knew I was at a mechanical disadvantage against his 1.8l van, but this didn’t make me back down so it was going to have to be my quick and agile reflex’s that was going to win me this street derby.

I didn’t look at him anymore. I knew what the enemy looked like and I knew his strategy. My eyes were fixated at the traffic light looking for any sign of green. It was the longest traffic light in the world. With each second my heart throbbed faster and I was growing more and more anxious. Suddenly, out the corner out of my eye, a black and white plastic shopping bag blew across the road, almost representing a checkered flag. In that same split second the light changed green and I FLOORED the cars accelerator, with a screeching of the wheels and the squealing of my cars small capacity engine. I knew I had drawn first blood, I didn’t look to see where he was I just focused on the long empty road ahead, changing the transmission with superhuman speed.

After a few seconds I realized I had gained a huge competitive advantage and that I had won this race, I was so happy. Some may think this is silly but this was not just a street drag, this race represented Rentokil versus competitor.

I have no idea why I ever doubted my ability to win the race as with our pest control servicing, Rentokil South Africa wins in the end. We have all the equipment to win the battle against pests, but a competitive attitude and work ethic that is instilled in every Rentokil employee is what separates us and keeps us winning the race.

** please note I do not own a company car, so no company vehicles were violated and the only animal hurt in this creating of this event was the competitors pride.

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