The Common House Fly: King of Disgusting

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Not only are flies annoying and filthy, but they spread diseases too!

by Jason Johnson

During my time at Rentokil I have learned about many pests, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs etc. Each one has their own disgusting arsenal of weaponry and all are relatively easy to get rid of if the correct control methods are employed. But, in our efforts to rid ourselves of pests, one disgusting creature stands head and shoulders above every pest alive; both in how filthy it is and also the level of difficulty in getting rid of it. I am of course referring to everyone’s favorite pest, the common house fly.

It’s happened to all of us; we’re sitting in the sun on a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper and enjoying a blueberry muffin. Suddenly, a fly lands on your muffin and helps itself to a generous piece while reading the horoscopes. Unfortunately for most people this has become the norm and we normally just shoo them away by hand.

Recently, after spoiling a particularly delicious muffin, I decided to research whether flies are as disgusting as I thought they were, or if my mother was just a fear monger (as I had always suspected). I was shocked to say that my mom had good reason to hate these flying insects. And there I thought that swatting insects with a rolled up newspaper was just one of her favourite past times… I thought about all the times I simply grabbed a fly right out of the sky and killed it – with my bare hands, I might add. After reading about flies and their revolting past times (ingesting manure is one of them), I immediately ran to the basin and sanitized my hands until they practically bled.

No one single pest in the world is even close to as filthy as a fly. If a cockroach mated with a rat and gave birth to baby hybrids, they would still not come close to the vileness of flies! I threw out the entire basket of muffins after that. The thought that the blueberry muffins might have been in contact with a fly at some point and are now most probably infected with some sort of nasty transmissible disease was a good enough reason for me to stick to fresh fruit and vegetables. At least I can rinse them thoroughly and eat them straight out of the colander without any risk of fly contamination.

I also found out that not only are flies disgusting, they are also the cause of many trips to the GP due to stomach ailments. Just like the legs of my Sunday school teacher, flies’ legs are covered with hair and you would be amazed as to what gets stuck in there! Bubblegum, paperclips, and various types of harmful bacteria… What really bothers me, is the fact that they spread diseases such as Salmonella and dysentery to name only a few… All the more reason to swat flies wherever you can!

The Grande Finale…

Even though I was shocked at how repulsive flies are, nothing shocked me more than their grotesque table manners. I would have been okay if Mr. Fly ate with his hands at my table (washed of course), he could even put his elbows on the table and I wouldn’t mind. But to vomit on my food and then to slurp it up like some sort of a lasagna smoothie! No mate… we use forks in this house. I’m sorry, but I am no longer comfortable with you in my home. Please remove yourself, or I will call in the fly control experts to do it on my behalf!

Oh, and did I mention that Mr. Fly brought his own side dishes? All stored in his leg hairs of course.

Would you like some manure with your meal?

No offense to anyone’s eating habits, but unless I am in an extreme survival situation, I don’t intend on eating manure anytime soon. I don’t care how it’s served or if it’s a delicacy somewhere in the world; it makes no difference to me.

As if my mind wasn’t already made up that flies were the most revolting creatures ever when I discovered that they vomit on our food, imagine my joy when I discovered that they enjoy nothing more than a lovely hot steaming pile of… well you know where I’m going with this. Many times they end up grooming themselves on your lovely stewed carrots and provide some lovely additional seasoning… I’ll stick to salt, but thanks anyway, Mr. Fly.

Aside from the manure residue, female flies are always on the lookout for a host in which to lay their 100 to 150 eggs, and what could be better than a dead or dying animal? Flies have been known to nest inside the mouths of dying or dead animals, in which they lay their eggs. Now, how’s that for some additional flavor?

The worst thing about flies is that they are virtually possibly impossible to get rid of. Rentokil has implemented some very effective fly control measures which can help keep these flying insects to a minimum, using fly units such as the Luminos fly killer range. Along with great housekeeping, these units are very effective when it comes to getting rid of flies for good.


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