A successful Pestaurant at The Good Food and Wine Show

Pestaurant, Cape Town, Good Food and Wine Show

As part of a global event over 12 countries, our very first Pestaurant saw over 1 000 people visiting our stand curious to try bugs for themselves.

If you were one of the people who visited our pop-up Pestaurant event during the week of 29th May to the 1st June, we congratulate you on being brave enough to take a bite out of the wide selection of insects on offer.

Perhaps you have discovered a real taste for insects and may in future swap your boerie roll for a tasty mealworm?

A word of caution though… We would advise against simply picking bugs off the ground and eating them. Just as with any other ordinary ingredient, a little seasoning and / or cooking can go a long way to making the ordinary taste just a little bit more extraordinary…and most importantly fit for human consumption.

The Cape Town Pestaurant was just one part of a unique global event, taking place in 11 other cities around the world on the 4th June, aimed to raise pest awareness and build general knowledge and understanding of common pest problems in the home or at work.

edible insects, pestaurant, cape town, good food and wine show

Delicious locust canapes were the most popular snacks

We hope we were able to demonstrate our commitment to pest control and prove our expertise by answering all your questions from the usual to the strangest of all queries: do we kill the insects and then serve them to you? Fortunately we can say that the insects you have eaten were all farmed for consumption, are high in protein, as well as vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc and low in fat.

Interesting Facts about our pop up Cape Town Pestaurant 


Over a thousand people visited our stand, most of them curious about this whole business of “eating insects” after hearing Nathalie Leblond, our Marketing Communication Manager’s radio interview along with live bug tasting on 567 Cape Talk. “Cheryl was shaking before she tried one of the Mealworms, but once she tried them, she they weren’t too bad! People’s reactions to eating bugs always make us smile!”

pestaurant, cape town, good food and wine show, facebook winner

Our Facebook Winner trying her very own recipe – its wrap!

Many people were a bit hesitant to eat insects at first, but were pleasantly surprised once they had tried them, saying “you only live once” and that it’s something to “tick off their bucket list”. Many different tasty insect canapés were prepared, of which the locust, sweet chilli and cream cheese rice cakes were really popular, as were our worm canapés with salsa relish. The sweeter treats – chocolate mousse and chocolate worm biscuits – were also a hit. Most said that they tasted of puffed wheat, cereal or popcorn.

Our Facebook competition winner, Tania van Zyl visited us on Saturday morning to taste her recipe and be the judge of her very own creation – a meal worm, blue cheese, walnut and rocket wrap. We were pleased to see that she loved it and said that it tasted delicious.

We ran a challenge whereby visitors had to eat one of each insect snack (we prepared 4 different types) with an insect lolly being the main prize. Boy, did the Captonians impress us and step to the plate (excuse the pun!) and soon all our insect lollipops were given away.

See more Pestaurant event images from around the world.

pestaurant, cape town, good food and wine show

Our Pestaurant won gold for the Most Innovative Stand award

Our very first pop up Pestaurant won gold!

We were very pleased to hear that our very first South African Pestaurant won gold for the Most Innovative stand at the Good Food and Wine show! We thank Good Food and Wine for choosing our Pestaurant as the most innovative stand and of course are delighted that our visitors enjoyed eating bugs as much as we did!

The World’s Worst Pest 

Don’t forget you still have time to vote for your worst pest! Name and shame the pest you most dislike or fear above all others. Results of your international votes will be revealed during mid- June.

Thank you to all for making Cape Town’s Pestaurant 2014 such a success!

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