Safe Pest Control – So Why Worry?


Use and store chemicals carefully and professionallyIf you know anything about the chemicals used to take care of pest infestations, then you’ll also be aware that humans and pets can also be affected by the process.

Fatalities are known to occur in industrial-type accidents, but did you know they can also happened due to the misuse of chemicals in the pest control industry (an example is countries such as Sri Lanka) by untrained unprofessional uers?

By using the incorrect product for a specific problem, accidents can also happen, and this is why we are moving towards an approved product list which has been vetted and tested by our expert Technical team.

South Africa is infested with pest control operators (pardon the pun) who are neither properly trained nor qualified. This is a huge problem as this ignorance can have a detrimental or negative effect on you, your family or your pets. Every customer with a need for pest control must be informed of the potential dangers of irresponsible pest control and how we follow recommended standards and practices when using pest control products. Small things like evacuating your premises whilst being treated by a pest control technician are often overlooked or not followed.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows of poor examples of pest control practice like this. Do you have any horror stories you could bear to share?

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