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Confused by JargonWhen you start in a new company, people usually throw jargon around and if you haven’t been in the field or haven’t had much training these words can seem quiet confusing, so I thought of all the words people would probably find a bit strange that we at Rentokil find perfectly normal.

PNOL – If someone sends you an email that contains this expression – do not get alarmed it is not a dangerous chemical nor is it a tablet that you need to take. It stands for  Pest Net OnLinewhich is an advanced online reporting system that helps clients better manage multiple business sites and is a perfect solution for our higher dependency client such as food factories and pharmaceuticals.

ICABS – If you’ve ever heard someone say “let me account on ICABS”  or “ICABS will help us to see that” what ICABS actually stands for is: International Administrative Contract Branch Systems, which is the administration system we use to process contracts and generate customer invoices, etc.

Technician – I don’t know about you, but if I phoned Rentokil and asked them to come sort out my bedbug problem I would feel slightly concerned if they told me that a “technician” would come to see me – so if a person that sorts out pest control problems is called a technician – what is a person that fixes technical issues in factories called? I’m confused – Let’s clear this up – At Rentokil we sometimes refer to Our Pest Control Operators as technicians.

Pestie – If you are ever called or hear someone refer to another person as a “pestie”  you do not need to lodge a deformation of character case – at Rentokil being called a “pestie” is actually an honour and merely means that you work for the pest control division of the business.

LUM – This word confused me when I first started working at Rentokil – if you are ever told “you need three LUM4’s …” or “let me show you our LUM range…” it refers to our Luminos fly unit range – the name is quiet fitting as “Lum” is derived from Latin for the word light and that is exactly how the units work – using light to attract flies

KAM – Have ever heard the word “KAM” being thrown around and wondered what it stood for…?
In South Africa,  if Rentokil manages a large pest control contract for you, you’ll be assigned an accounts manager to make sure that your are provided with exceptional service and that every need is looked after – these managers title are called KEY ACCOUNTS MANAGERS (KAM)

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