Project ‘Get Mouse’: How to get rid of mice in your home

Get rid of mice in your home

Mouse trouble? Make your home uninhabitable for mice!

By Jason Johnson

It was a cold Sunday evening, the wind was howling and the roof was taking a beating from the latest rain storm this winter. I decided to fix myself a cup of hot chocolate and have a few of the chocolate chip cookies I had stolen from a friend’s house and replaced with a cheap brand that I got as part of a gift basket. When I lifted the bag I realized that it was lot lighter than when I shoved it down my shirt the day before. I thought I may have been sleep-eating again, but when I looked inside, I stared into the eyes of rabies in its purest form. A disgusting, filthy mouse sent straight from the pit of hell. Enjoying my cookies…the nerve!

Needless to say, I am not – nor have I ever been – fond of rodents. I hate them about as much as I hate Mondays, low fat mayonnaise and Larry King. Given my hatred of mice, I immediately suggested that we burn the entire property down and just claim from insurance. Everyone wins, the mouse dies and I get to go shopping for a new wardrobe and a flat screen TV.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as apparently my approach to the mouse problem was just way too excessive and there are less complicated ways of getting rid of mice in my home (well, hopefully, it is just one little old mouse, not a whole clan!). I didn’t see how, as I had already doused the house in lighter fluid… I just needed a match. But then I remembered my 5th grade teacher telling me that fire is bad, so I decided to instead research a few “easier” techniques on how to get rid of mice and prevent a rodent infestation. I was surprised at how much information I actually got.

Here are some tips to get rid of mice that pester your home:

Even though I am extremely allergic to cats, I considered getting one to aid in my extermination of the mouse. They are the natural enemies of any rodents and they move faster and have better hunting instincts than dogs. Alternatively, a few websites suggested using cotton swabs dipped in cat urine in and around your home to ward off mice or rats. Unfortunately, I was fresh out of cat urine (darn), so it was back to the drawing board for me.

I also found out that mice move inwards during the winter because food sources outside are scarce, and also for warmth. A few websites suggest making it completely unbearable for the mouse to survive inside so that they would move on out of their own. Better housekeeping – like removing excess food and keeping your home clean – could aid in cutting of their food supply; thus encouraging them to look outside your home for food.

Using certain mouse repellent products could actually go a long way in assisting you with warding off any existing mice and discouraging new guests from settling in. Apparently certain smells – like that of peppermint leaves, cloves and cayenne pepper – are really effective in getting rid of mice. Ammonia works brilliantly as well.

There is an entire host of home remedies you could try, including certain fabric softeners and some novel ideas such as those electrical devices that emit sonic waves which rodents find completely unbearable. Along with the above tips, it is very important to seal any entry points to prevent a rodent infestation in the first place. A good way to seal a hole or tunnel is by using a steel wool or one of those mesh dish scrubbers. Silicone also works very well.

The above are just a few mouse control tips for minimising the risk of mouse problems occurring, and an infestation from escalating. They really went a long way as far as making my living space uninhabitable for the mouse. Even though these tips were somewhat effective in assisting me with my rodent issue, nothing was more effective than the treatment Rentokil Pest Control did for me. The mouse control treatment was effective and got rid of the issue within two days. The mouse died quietly in the bathtub and I felt no guilt whatsoever as Rentokil had the blood on their hands, not me. I said a short prayer for the departed mouse and discarded the body on the neighbour’s property where I believe it came from (the pit of hell).

I’m sure the mouse is in mouse heaven now singing praises to Mickey and all of the other mouse characters. I just hope the mouse mafia don’t put a hit out on me and chew off my earlobes though. Well, if that happens, I’ll just do what I always do and call my friends at Rentokil Pest Control to get rid of mice that invade my house. They never disappoint.

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