Pigeon Control: The Bird Chronicles Part 3

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How to get rid of pigeons with professional bird proofing solutions

Now that we understand how these avians conduct themselves (highly inappropriately of course!) and what risks they pose to us humans, our blueprint to getting rid of pigeons can be neatly rolled out, pinned up for all to see and cleverly executed. Queue evil laugh – mwuahaha!

Step 4 in Pigeon Control: “Do-it–yourself” Bird Proofing Tips:

Some people swear by using reflective items as a bird deterrent tactic. While these might not be a longstanding solution, they will help to keep birds away. One can make use of reflective tape, foil balloons or old CD’s dangling on a string.

Spraying pigeons with water might prove to be beneficial in drawing a boundary between ‘my place’ and ‘their place’ and discourage them from hanging out on your windowsills, ledges or roof. One might need to do this consistently however, so that they get the eviction message loud and clear.

Try sprinkling spices such as pepper, cayenne pepper or cinnamon on surfaces pigeons enjoy roosting on. You will need to ensure that these spices are consistently spread throughout the areas of these surfaces, as a breeze or rainfall will remove your efforts.

I have even heard that some people place rubber snakes on predominant roosting and perching areas to get rid of pigeons that are a nuisance, tricking them into thinking that a predator is waiting for them on their landing pads. Regardless of its long term effectiveness, this is something that I would like to try when things start to get personal. I must say I don’t appreciate them defacing every surface that they so willingly use as pooping targets. Take that, feathery fools!

Although the above DIY bird proofing tactics might prove to be useful to keep pest birds away in the short term, pigeons do have a tendency to return to their self-claimed homage spot.

Once you notice these unwelcome guests planting the flag on your land (relentless in their noisy, corrosively pooping and building-damaging behavior) it is best to contact the pest control professionals to help you claim back your territory and install bird deterrent devices to get rid of pigeons once and for all.

Step 5 in Pigeon Control: Call the Pigeon Patrol! Professional Bird Proofing to get rid of pigeons:

Pigeons are headstrong birds; once they have chosen a nesting spot, it is difficult to get them to locate elsewhere. The Rentokil pest control specialists are experts in supplying bird proofing devices that will keep birds away.

Here are bird control methods Rentokil will use to get rid of pest birds that plague your property (all humane, of course!):

  • Nest removal: Removing nesting material and eggs will help to prevent adult birds from raising their young on site and encourage them to move their nesting area to a different location.
  • Bird netting: This bird proofing method is a great way of preventing pigeons from nesting in established areas. This solution can be installed to cordon off access to roosting areas, such as light wells, recesses, ventilation shafts etc.
  • Bird deterrent spikes: This method is quick and cost effective to install. The spikes push the pigeons off balance and force them to alight elsewhere, and can be placed anywhere birds settle, roost or perch. The rounded tips on the ends of each spike will not harm birds or humans.
  • Bird scarer device: This bird deterrent unit is an electrical device that emits light beams which will annoy and disorientate pigeons. Perhaps then they will understand our annoyance with them, eh?
  • Bird repellent sound system: The speaker system is a bird control measure that sends out sounds that differ from very soft to loud and annoying and cause birds to relocate. The sound from this bird repellent device regularly varies to ensure that birds do not get used to the sound and try to re-enter your property.

Once an integrated bird proofing solution is installed on your property, one can finally be rid of the pigeon patrol, and do away with their foul behavior that causes damage to your property, and scares your guests away. Finally the only visitors attending my tea party will be humans! What a relief, phew!

Now that I know what to do to get rid of pigeons, and what bird control tactics are available, my life will get a lot easier.


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