Pigeon Control: the Bird Chronicles Part 2

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Wanted: For defacing property, public indecency and causing continuous health risks.

After the previous post in the Pigeon Control Saga on studying our feathered fiends, carefully analyzing how they conduct themselves and what inappropriately foul behaviour they exhibit, one has to wonder what risks these birds pose. After all, seeing that we familiar with what we are dealing with, we know that this suspect can’t be relied on to keep its business clean.

Step 3 in Pigeon Control: Identify the risks that pigeons pose

Pigeons are noisy: 

These sweet cooing avians can soon completely take over and become a noisy nuisance. Out with the soothing chirping, and in with the annoying cackling. Birds = 1, me = 0. As if the noisiness is not enough of an irritation, and can scare visitors away, pigeons are known to deface buildings as well.

Bird droppings damage buildings, cars and equipment:

This arrogant defacing, to my greater annoyance has left me discovering bird droppings -literally dropped from the sky, like bombs from Hiroshima, and their favourite targets are window ledges, walls, arches and ledges of buildings, all in full public view. Did you know that bird droppings are corrosive, and that it can eat through stone and paint? This can cause significant damage to cars and outdoor equipment.

A study conducted by Halfords, a British auto retailer, suggests that birds even have a preference in the colour car they choose to poop on! Birds target red cars the most, as it is believed that red signifies danger to them.

Hmm… perhaps we could wave the red flag in the face of these “generously giving” creatures, force them some place where we can get rid of pigeons once and for all…

Pigeons cause damage to properties:

Just when I thought our pigeon problems we bad enough, I had to find out that they cause structural damage to properties as well. You really know that you are in need of bird control when these birds start terrorising your premises by lifting roof coverings to force entry, and block rainwater drainage systems with their feathers and faeces.

Pigeons are a health hazard:

Except for the cost implications as a result of the damage that pigeons cause, the habits of these feathered fiends can result in major health problems as they can spread diseases such as salmonella, psittacosis, ornithosis and fowl pest. Not only do they leave droppings that contaminate various areas and that can easily be sucked in through air conditioning units, but pigeons further go on to contaminate surfaces with their feathers, nesting material and bird mites that they carry. Although the risk of infection from birds may be relatively low, the diseases they spread can be life threatening.

This leaves me wondering if this is some sort of conspiracy planned by birds to take over the world…

Get rid of pigeons: What to do?

When you notice the above signs of a bird infestation, it is time to implement bird control before these pesky pigeons flutter out of control. Pigeons are non-migratory and have a strong homing instinct – so they will never willingly leave their birthplace. There are many ways of getting rid of pigeons by implementing bird control, and even as they can be a great source of frustration, no one wants to cause these birds any harm.

Removing their nests, and installing bird netting , electronic bird scarer devices, bird deterrent spikes and bird repellent sound systems are all humane methods that will assist you to get rid of pigeons that roost on your property.

Stay tuned for the next series in the Pigeon Control saga to find out how the latter bird proofing methods come to play when the pigeons decide to stay.


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