Phobias: Pest Fears And Their Scientific Names


Pest control as psychiatric therapy - who'd have thought it…or words the world would have to do without in the absence of pests

Who would have thought that pest control also takes care of some psychological problems? There is an almost infinite number of different fears in this world, so in a way it is not a big surprise that fear of pests is no exception.

I knew the term “arachnophobia”. But what for instance is Pteronarcophobia? The ones below are my favorite pest related fears:

  • Katsaridaphobia: The fear of cockroaches. The primary cause often is a negative experience, even the distaste of a family member for cockroaches can be a trigger
  • Peristerophobia: The fear or pigeons. Checking various websites shows that this seems to be a more common problem
  • Myrmecophobia: The fear of ants. Some people really are scared out of their wits by ants.
  • Acarophobia: Fear of insects that cause itching bites, e.g. mosquitoes, bedbugs and fleas
  • Arachnophobia: That one might sound familiar, spiders. It’s one of the more popular fears, made famous by the movie of the same name – “Arachnophobia
  • Pteronarcophobia: Fear of flies.
  • Spheksophobia: Fear of wasps. This one is not too surprising, given that wasp stings really hurt and can cause analphylactic shock and potentially be fatal for people with severe allergies.
  • Pediculophobia / Phthiriophobia: Fear of lice. True for me to a certain extent, and Mike too after the pubic lice at the office experience.
  • Musophobia / Muriphobia: Fear of rodents. I guess a lot of girls have tendencies for this fear (but I have seen a number of men as well who would fit into that category).
  • Chiroptophobia: Not considered a pest, but bats can be a bit of an annoyance if in your attic.

Its good to know that whilst we are working on eradicating pests, we are also working on eradicating the root of peoples deepest darkest fears. How many of the fears above had you heard of before I mentioned them?

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