Pests found in unexpected places

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Pests are sneaky and love hiding in all sorts of strange places around the home! Photo Credit: Alamy

by Jason Johnson

I remember watching an episode of the X Files as a child. On this particular episode of the show, Detectives Mulder and Schully were investigating a case of an apparition that climbs through your toilet and pulls you down into a sewerage-filled grave. I cannot imagine that experience being pleasant for either party. Since then I would not leave the bathroom without making sure the toilet seat is down, much to the delight of my mom and sister.

This got me thinking about something similar; a colleague sent me an article about a man who recently awoke to find a rat doing the backstroke in his toilet. While some people may find this story amusing, I would probably have ripped the toilet from the floor and thrown it on the neighbours’ lawn. I mean, if rats can gain entry to my house via my toilet, it stands to reason that other creatures also have this easy access. The fact that everyone is so connected by something as trivial as a sewerage pipe really freaks out.

After this realisation, I started thinking about other strange areas in the house, or elsewhere that pests may frequent. Below are a few areas that you may not have thought to look when you last attempted to practice DIY pest control…

Light Switches and Fixtures

Light switches and fixtures are a hotbed of activity for pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches. These are warm and this makes it easy for pests to breed and live there safely. When you do pest control next time, it would do you good to remove the light switches cover or fixture and clean behind it regularly.


In my many years as a customer care consultant for Rentokil, I have heard some of the most amazing stories of pests and their audacity. I spoke to a hysterical client a few years ago who, when she reached for her a tissue in her bag got the surprise of her life. In her own words, she was met with a rat the size of a “Rottweiler”! The rat had chewed up all the tissue paper in her bag and had eaten most of her lipstick. I bet when asked for comment, the rat would have said something along the lines of her going on a hot date later that night and knew that said client had good makeup. I can just imagine for karma’s sake that years later the rat and her then partner have split up and are seeing different rodents respectively. My actual idea of revenge would have been to get rid of the rat via carefully set out rat traps throughout the house…

See some tips on how to get rid of rats that try to sneak in your home.


This actually happened to me a last winter. After a long cold winter’s day, I wanted nothing more than to pour myself a glass of Merlot, throw on some gangster rap and enjoy a nice bubble bath. When I went to run the bath I found the mouse that had been stealing my chocolate chip cookies trying to climb out of the bath with no success. A blood curling scream of death escaped my mouth and once the police confirmed that no one had in fact been murdered, one of the friendly police officers removed the rodent and escorted it off my premises.

Tumble dryers

Tumble dryers have been known to house a host of pests. The reason for this is the heat it emits when it dries the clothing. This coupled with the moisture from the wet washing makes it the perfect breeding ground for most pests. Snakes have even been known to use them to as a home.


The reason that pests have become such a huge problem globally, is the fact that they are highly adaptable. This means that they are becoming a lot bolder and will probably infest areas in your home that they never would have previously.

Fortunately, we at Rentokil are as adaptable and innovative in our approach to treating pest infestations. Our pest control technicians are highly trained and we use modern, high tech equipment. We are the X Files of the pest world.


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