How Pests Could Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions


Have you made any new year’s resolutions this year?

Hello January! It’s that time of year when we all look forward to a healthier and even better year than the last. It is a time of hope and excitement at the prospect of new adventures and life experiences. Anything is possible.

We at Rentokil are taking inspiration for our New Year’s resolutions from our work. There is no better place to start than with pests. Could the habits and behaviours of some of the most undesirable and damaging pests across the globe motivate us to behave better, eat better or just generally be better? Only time will tell.

Our Top 10 Resolutions for 2015

lose weight

1. Lose weight!

Like mice, which only need 3g of food per day. That’s just a few crumbs of bread – yikes! This is an extremely common annual resolution, and explains why my gym is always so much busier in the months of January and February! We will try to follow a more sensible diet plan.


get out more


2. Get out more!

Like flies which are always desperate to escape outdoors through a window! We are constantly told we lead too much of a sedentary lifestyle and need more fresh air and exercise to feel healthier. We will aim to spend more time outdoors on weekends….weather permitting!


Make a solid investment

3. Make a solid investment!

Like wasps which invest their time in building a nest. Now this does not have to be a financial investment, so perhaps we will invest our time into building something. I have always fancied the idea of an outdoor stone built pizza oven in the garden – exciting!


Try something new4. Try something new!

Unlike rats, which are very cautious of new things in their environment. We will make an attempt to be less risk averse in 2015. We will aim to do one activity that takes us out of our comfort zone. I am not saying we will go bungee jumping….but who knows. Will keep you posted later in the year.


See the world5. See the world!

Like bed bugs, which may be regarded as the world’s most successful hitchhikers! For those of us who did not take out a gap year or go travelling, our limited holiday allowance at work means there is less opportunity to travel the world on a large scale. So perhaps this year, we will aim to visit at least one new city or country we have never been to before. Will keep you posted on our holiday plans!

Be more charitable!


6. Be more charitable!

Unlike moles, which love to cause costly damage to gardens by their natural tunneling instincts. We will aim to contribute & donate towards all possible charitable events that come our way. Will keep you posted on our Facebook page.


Be more sociable

7. Be more sociable!

Like ants, which like to live in large colonies – sometimes up to half a million ants! We will aim to attend every company social event….after all, we do spend more time with our colleagues than our own families!


Drink more water


8. Drink more water!

Like spiders. Why do you always find spiders in your bath tub? Because they like to go after the water droplets gathering in your bathtub. They say you should drink up to 2litres of water a day (this includes tea & coffee). We will aim to keep large bottles of water on our desk as a daily reminder.


Reduce food waste

9. Reduce food waste!

To help control pest birds! Pigeons just love to feast off discarded takeaways and food waste. We have always used bins to get rid of our rubbish, so we will continue to do this to keep our streets and cities clean.

Make home improvements



10. Make home improvements!

Unlike termites, which love to cause destruction. We will aim to ensure our own homes are perfectly sealed to limit the chances of a pest infestation and to enjoy a pest-free 2015! If we do still have a pest problem, we promise to share our story, so you can learn from our own mistakes ;-)



We will keep you updated throughout the following months to let you know how well or badly we are progressing.

Feel free to share your resolutions with us too! Have some of ours inspired you?


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