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Office rodentWow, its been a while since I did a post for the deBugged blog, have been busy admittedly, but this morning is different, as it’s Friday and I don’t feel like working just yet, so instead of faffing about, I thought I’d write a post that hopefully puts a smile on everyone’s face.

I was going to write about the cockroach that attacked my home the other night, but thought I would rather focus on something that every working person can relate to. Maybe I’m crazy here, but don’t you sometimes compare fellow employees to animals or things depending on their above average attributes, for example the person who always spots mistakes no one else can see? Good comparison is “hawk eyes”, or is that just me?

So being in the line of pest control and working with the websites, my knowledge for pests has grown considerably and I tend to compare people or employees to pests, especially when they annoy me!

I’d thought I’d share my “pesty” comparisons in the order of annoyance (obviously I won’t use real names but generic comparisons, as not to get myself into trouble) and so that everyone can relate, as I’m sure we all have a few pesty employees around the office.

1.)    The Bird or Pigeon – Some might think this type of employee is harmless or even cute, oh boy how they are wrong, the “bird” is the cunning employee, who builds a nest of trust and when you least expect it – poo’s on you – just like a bird.

2.)    The Fly – This is the person that seems to make his or her appearance when you are the MOST busy with something and annoys you until you do what they want – just like a Fly – I have to admit I am sometimes “the Fly”.

3.)    The Rat – Nobody likes the rat – this is the employee who, if you tell something to or if they discover it, then somehow the news will magically find its way to senior management. (If you slip off early on a Friday, this person will definitely be the one that “ratted” you out!)

4.)    The Ant – This is the best comparison to have, as ants are known to carry 10 -50 times their own body weight, this employee takes on so much work and doesn’t compromise the quality nor complains – just works!!

5.)    The Bed bug – I know what you thinking about bed bug…..the employee who has been in everyones bed….But NO, this is the colleague who is very sneaky, just as sneaky as bed bugs.

6.)    The Wasp – This type of employee is actually pretty harmless by himself or herself, but very dangerous in a group as they can gather a swarm, very similar to wasps and hornets.

7.)    The Flea –  These type of people around the office are not that bad, they just very energetic, too much energy for ones liking, like a flea can jump a gazillion times their height…actually the only time these type of people are annoying is when you have that stiff hangover and they ‘re all energetic…

8.)    The Moth – Is the delicate or sensitive person around the office, tend to keep to themselves and you must careful not to be too harsh as, you know there will be tears.

9.)    The cockroach – every office environment has one of these guys, and I say guys as they tend to be more of the male species. This is the one, who always has a crude joke to share, and behavior sometimes borders on inappropriate – the office would just be boring without these guys!! Amen to the cockroaches!!

I hope my warped perception of the work place has put a smile on your face. Which pest are you in the office?

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