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puff-adderToday a picture landed on my desk (as everything weird and wonderful does, especially if it does not pertain to my job description) of an image of a snake (image alongside – click image for better view)

Now what’s so special about this picture of a snake in a patch of ivy, you may ask?

Well, let me give you a little background information.

Our Sales Manager was called out to do a survey of a block of flats in an upmarket area in Cape Town, South Africa. The customer complained about a heavy infestation of rodents. When our Sales Manager arrived at the premises, he was walked around and shown the rodent burrows. While he was doing a thorough site inspection to investigate the extent of the infestation, he encountered this well camouflaged snake. Here in South Africa, they are called “puff adders” and are reknowned for their laziness and the fact that they hold their territory; they don’t move out the way when humans, dogs or anything else crosses their path, what makes it worse is that they are venomous.

This snake was obviously scouting the rodent burrows for a food source (the rats).

This got me thinking (which I do quite often) about Rentokil and the  service we offer as a whole, many times I’ve often wondered if we are classified into essential service or luxury service in the residential market. By this example it has been made clear to me  that we fall into the essential services category.

Get rid of rats, get rid of snakes

Could you imagine the untold emotional damage a parent would have to go through if their young son or daughter was bitten by a snake in their very own yard and as a result lost a limb, because they were not responsible enough to get a rodent problem sorted out and as a result it attracted a snake.

Or the “man of the house” was busy gardening one Saturday afternoon and got bitten on the hand when he bent down to trim the Ivy…which could result in him losing his hand and leaving him unable to work.

This demonstrates why pest control is so essential in protecting your family and home from not just rodents but all the other unwanted guests all the way up the food chain.

Maybe my examples are a bit dramatic…but they are possible… But by now you probably wanting some clarity on what happened to the snake in this particular instance.

As Rentokil we pride ourselves in our professional approach and our Sales Manager knew immediately that “Puff adders” are a protected species here in South Africa, so we called a snake wrangler to come remove the immediate danger, and signed the client up on a rodent protection contract . Now the client has peace of mind that their premises are constantly surveyed by a fully trained professional Rentokil technician.

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