Moments When I loved you…


In the spirit of Valentine’s week and with love – amongst other things – floating in the air (such as flies and mozzies), I was inspired by the ways pests show us how much they love us. You heard right; when do I ever get to say that!

My thinking is this; as my mission as self-titled “Bug-off Girl” is to do the opposite of loving insects, I need to think like one of them. And from the clues I have come across I’m convinced that they love us completely, even though we don’t reciprocate their feelings. This would be sad in any other circumstance, but when it comes to pests, tough love is best (and that is the only love there is when it comes to pests).

As the famous poet, Elizabeth Barret Browning said: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”. These are just some of the ways that pests like to show their affection for us:

Bed Bug at Airport

Planning a romantic weekend getaway? I love traveling with you!

1. Pests love to travel with us.

Those of you who love traveling and visiting hotels must be careful to not bring home an unwanted guest! Of course not all hotels have bed bugs – I’m not generalising – but did you know that bed bugs or their eggs attach to clothing or suitcases and are then transported home? Yikes! My romantic weekend getaway does not include sharing my cosy bed with any bed bugs!

If you have however decided to go on a romantic getaway, be sure to leave your luggage lying outside in the sun for a day on your return, and wash your clothes on a hot wash that will kill off the eggs.

Cockroach in the Kitchen

I loved you this morning, just after you burnt your toast


2. Pest love to dine with us:

Ever come across left-over food and notice that someone (or something) else has decided to help themselves to it? Cockroaches just love to feast on our meals, and as they prefer to live in warm and humid areas such as behind your kitchen fridge, be sure not to leave around food that attracts them. See more tips that will help you to get rid of cockroaches.

Mouse in Office Drawer

I loved your lunch time snack of Morrocan chicken pockets, my favourite


3. Pests love to snack with us:

Not only do pests love to snack on our left-overs, but they love to squeeze themselves into small spaces such as our office desks and nibble away on our snack stash! The last place I want a surprise visit from Mr Mousy is in my desk drawer.

Did you know that mice can actually squeeze through small spaces of 1cm?! I really need to invest in a mouse-proof desk, plus make sure my snacks are stored in tight containers. Also, Mr Mousy, I don’t want to take you with me to work – or any other place – so would you mind taking your family and moving elsewhere (such as off the planet)?

Rat in Petbowl

I love to return to a homecooked meal of Lamb & Veg


4. Pests love to think of themselves as pets:

It seems that pests like to think of themselves as pets, and that means eating poor Fido’s food. They will happily help themselves to your dog’s pellets or your cat’s food.

Tip: be sure to store away you pets’ food in the evenings to ensure that there isn’t that extra temptation for hungry rats scurrying around.


Love Signs from Rats

How do I love thee? Let me show the ways …

5. Pests love leaving us love signs:

Whilst delving into our sweet supply or frolicking around our offices, rats just love showing us signs of their affection! They leave gnaw marks, smear marks, 40 pieces of poo and dig rat burrows to their nests, how romantic (not!). I of course find these “love signs” absolutely revolting and think that rats really need to be sent to etiquette school!

To keep rats away, be sure to fit bristle strips underneath doors, seal cracks around windows and be sure to store away food. See more tips on how to get rid of rats.


Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love with your other half – not with pests – so focus on keeping your home and office pest-free for a happy, romantic and pest-free Valentine’s day!


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