Ode To The Mom of Rentokil dot com


Bird ControlThere is a lady called Caroline Mytton,
who lives in Great Britain.
She has many websites on her plate,
a job most of us would probably hate!

She has climbed her way up the corporate tree,
which makes a web coordinator look like a flea.
Earning the respect of her peers,
although getting on her wrong side remains one of their fears.

With many years experience in pest control,
so much knowledge it would make your eyes roll.
In true South African culture,
she watches over all the Rentokil sites like a vulture.

Although she doesn’t like the limelight,
so writing this poem probably wasn’t very bright.
I did it anyway, gave it a shot
whether my poem is published, or not.

As I secretly needed a link to my new bird page,
I’m forced to do this to get my small wage.
I must be clever on how I phrase this,
so go look here and say GEE WHISKERS!

Okay, enough about my silly bird page and back to our star,
Caroline, you are the best mom for Rentokil.com by far!
Out of all the sites you have in your handbag
Not a single one is treated like a rag.

I know at times South Africa has caused you stress,
But at least with our web performance you must be slightly impressed?
You know the South African way,
Meeting challenges and achieving is how we get through our day!

On a serious note, I know we should not gloat,
but websites are what keeps a company afloat.
Everybody knows this is true,
And anyone who disagrees, has been sniffing to much bird gel glue.

Okay that’s it for me, I got my link and had my say,
hope everyone has a great day!
And if it’s not to much trouble at all,
Post this poem on your Facebook wall!

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