The Pestive Season: Tips on getting rid of pests in the warmer months

Tips to get rid of common house pests

Pests making unwelcome appearances in your home? See our tips on how to get rid of them.

It’s 2015 and by this time most of us should be back at work. While some of us went on leave and got to go on holiday, there are many of us who had to work throughout December.

Unlike us, most pests only start their work year as the year began winding down. The abundance of food and favourable weather conditions over the Christmas season ensured that these critters truly had a great “pestive season.” Below are a few pests who thrived towards the latter part of the year.


Nothing is worse than being stuck with a cockroach infestation when you know your mother-in-law is on her way at that very moment to come and critique your housekeeping abilities. The warmer months of December to March are unfortunately the times in South Africa when cockroaches are most active. Unfortunately for us it coincides directly with big holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

Tip: Cockroach infestations can sometimes go unnoticed for a long time. Cockroach eggs are resistant to poison and as a result can lay dormant for months until conditions are perfect for them to hatch.

It’s a good idea to have a pest control service performed as a preventive measure if you are prone to infestation. Just because you don’t see any cockroaches at the moment, doesn’t mean that they’re not there.


Here’s some redemption for you. While your mother-in-law is judging your housework skills, she could at that very moment be infesting your spare bedroom with bedbugs.

These bloodsucking critters are generally picked up when spending the night in a hotel room that already has a bedbug infestation, or when having guests over who bed bugs in their homes.

Tip: Bedbugs are often spread through luggage. Make a note of washing your luggage the moment you return home. If you are not able to do this immediately, rather leave luggage outside. Alternatively, run the bath full of very hot water and soak your suitcases. This should kill bedbugs, as well as their eggs.


These little workers definitely did not take any leave during the holidays. Possible the hardest working pest alongside bees, ants can invade your home by the thousands.

What’s more is that there are many different types of ants and many of them pack a pretty vicious bite. Even the common black house ant has a pretty annoying bite.

Tip: Try and store sugar and all other sweet items of food in airtight containers to get rid of ants before they decide to infest your home for good. Don’t leave empty cool drink glasses or cereal bowls etc. unattended. Once you have finished your drink or cereal, put the dish in the dishwasher or sink and fill it with water. In most cases, these items can be covered in ants within a matter of minutes.


Working for a pest control company, the undisputed champ of the summer season is definitely the fly. It’s not that we get calls for fly control this time of year that makes them such an annoyance, it’s the fact that they are so difficult to treat. While fly units like the Luminos fly killer range are very effective at catching flies, it is a challenge to create a barrier to keep them out.

Tip: Always try and keep your trash as far from your house as possible. Flies generally swarm around rubbish bins. Also try your best to use airtight rubbish bins inside. Wrap your left over food in newspaper or put it in plastic bag before placing it in the bin. Try and keep a handle on dirty dishes as well.

While all of these pests are annoying in their own ways, most of them can be safely kept under control with better housekeeping during the warmer months of the year.

This, along with one of Rentokil’s multiple pest sprays during summer will mean that your holidays next year should be pest free.


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