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If you are trying to get rid of these flies, then getting to know the enemy is a good first step…

Flies must be one of the most ghastly creatures to walk (and fly) the face of the earth. I bet they all come together and plan how to annoy us humans and spoil our food. I mean, they are forever rubbing their front “hands” together as if plotting some evil plan. I have found out that the reason they do that, is because they can actually taste with their feet!

Flies are also swift little critters. The moment I think I have figured out how sneak up on them they seem to be one step ahead and effortlessly fly off. Now, this is all fun and games if you have wings, but not for a gawky human such as myself. I figure that with 4000 lenses in each eye they can spot me from any angle (even sneaking up from behind)!

In the countless hours of research I’ve been doing to learn how to outsmart the fly I came across another fly fact. Did you know that regardless of the amount of lenses per eye, flies actually have bad vision? Their super swift skill stems from the fact that they are excellent movement detectors.

As these sneaky insects have managed to fool me more than once, I have decided to expose them and share my intel with the rest of the world. If you find yourself in the same situation (being misled by these filthy pests), or if you are trying to get rid of flies that invade your humble abode, you will find the fly facts below very handy:

fly facts

It is always good to understand the enemy before coming up with a plan on how to defeat them! These fly facts will be very useful to find what their weakness is, well before they decide to take over the world. Armed with this knowledge, I can start planning on how to get rid of flies.

Be on the lookout for the next blog on getting rid of flies.


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