Extraterrestrial Pest Control


Could space ships be the technician vans?Today my mind was pondering, as it does, constantly, regarding technology evolving to the point where humans start urbanizing other PLANETS.

It would be almost selfish to assume that we are the only life form in the universe that is supposedly infinite.

So my mind wandered to the thought of how Rentokil would adapt to doing business or pest control services on other planets? Would all technicians be provided with the latest space vehicles equipped to battle intergalactic pests in people’s homes and businesses?

On planets with low gravity the pests could possibly be 5-8 times bigger. How gross would it be having cockroaches the size of your fist in your dwelling?

Or rodents the size of Maltese poodles? That’s if our pests are even similar to the ones that could be found in the far reaches of the galaxy. Or what about planets with high gravity?

Bedbugs may have evolved to be microscopic and Rentokil would have to use specialized space-age nano-bot pesticides to combat these invaders! I certainly would not be very keen on space travel if the accommodation on other planets had these sorts of pests!

One has to wonder if humans do eventually start inhabiting other planets one day whether we might be the pests of more developed life forms.

No one really knows what the future holds, but I think it would be safe to assume Rentokil is protecting you from most pests on earth right now. And with the amount of time and effort we pour into R&D, we’ll be well-equipped for the day humans do start colonizing other planets and have to deal with extraterrestrial pests.

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