Ever wonder what pests get up to at a Halloween party?

Pest Party

Pests just love a good old Halloween party!

Halloween is the time where we take it upon ourselves to scare one another. Whether it’s covering yourself head to toe in fake blood or decorating your home to be the most terrifying place in existence, this holiday is filled with scary connotations. But what do pests do at Halloween…?

…Well, they have a Halloween party of course!

Horror movies

Rentokil - Halloween horror film

Bed bugs watch the scariest movie of them all – “The Rentokil Bed Bug Killer”!

Everybody loves a good horror movie. No Halloween party is complete without a scary movie. But what do pests watch? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? What scares pests the most? Rentokil of course!

Nothing is scarier to a bed bug than watching a pest control process being carried out by a professional pest controller. Take our Entotherm heat treatment pod for example. It is one of the best treatments for a bed bug problem, controlling an infestation at every stage of an insect’s life cycle.

Entotherm Heat Pod

The Entotherm heat pod by Rentokil is a chemical-free pest control technique designed to successfully control insect infestations such as bed bugs.

As opposed to traditional forms of bed bug treatments, the Entotherm heat pod reaches all areas of insect infested materials where previous methods would not be able to penetrate.

We designed our heat pod to be quick and easy to set up within a customer’s premises, reducing the disruption to workflow and eliminating the risk of items being damaged.


Pinata Party

Pests enjoy taking out frustrations on a Rentokil Technician Pinata – filled with peanut butter sweets!

Piñatas are often used in all types of parties from birthdays to Halloween and come in all different shapes and sizes.

It makes sense that pests would take this opportunity to vent their frustrations with Rentokil’s expert pest technicians.

Traditionally piñatas are filled with sweets and chocolate, but what treat would pests use?

What do rats like to eat?

Although, stereotypically, rodents are thought to be massive cheese addicts that is not actually the case.

It is suggested that a rodent’s favourite food is peanut butter, and prefer it greatly over cheese. If you are trying to solve a rat or mouse problem yourself using DIY methods, we would suggest using peanut butter as bait as opposed to cheese (although we do highly recommend that you seek out the help of a professional instead).

Our best guess is that their piñatas are filled with some sort of peanut butter treat.

However, it is worth noting that rats and mice aren’t fussy eaters and will eat almost anything. It has been reported that during a rodent infestation at a chicken farm, they have gnawed at chicken’s feet!

A rodent’s willingness to consume a piece of food is affected by the source in which they have discovered it. Rats and mice are quite cautious creatures and tend to only accept food from areas which they know are safe.

A top tip for laying down bait for rodents is to place it in areas which have high levels of rodent activity.

Scary Stories

Scary Stories - Rentokil

No Halloween party is complete without a scary story told about a Rentokil expert setting rat bait stations…

A good, terrifying, scary story is a vital part to any successful Halloween party. It goes without saying that Rentokil would be the key topic of discussion, especially considering how effective our pest control techniques such as our bait stations are.

What is the best way to get rid of rats?

When it comes to controlling a rat problem, the use of rat bait stations are an effective way to control any infestation on your property.

We developed our rat bait stations to be specifically tamper resistant. This makes them safe to use in areas where both children and pets are present. This is done by creating a station where the bait or rodenticide contained within the device can only be accessed by rats.

Our bait stations can be mounted to any wall or floor, allowing them to be placed in the key areas which show high concentrations of rodent activity. We also offer a wide selection of bait, allowing us to select the correct method, tailored to your pest control needs.

The Rentokil bait stations are perfect for commercial customers where litigation and health and safety are important.

…Or Rentokil Man?


To pests, the legend of “Rentokil Man” says that after repeating his name 5 times in the mirror, he will appear… ready to kill pests!

The Candyman is an urban legend about the ghost of a slave who returns from the dead in search of revenge after being summoned. According to the legend, the Candyman can be summoned by saying his name five times whilst facing a mirror, whereupon he will murder the summoner with his hook hand. Typically, this is played during Halloween with people unable to repeat his name the correct number of times due to being scared.

But what would pests do? Well they would summon a Rentokil technician.

Proactive mice control

With over 45 years’ experience in the field has provided our pest technicians a scary reputation with mice.

Every Rentokil technician has the skills, and knowledge, required to successfully manage a pest problem, offering you the best advice on how to get rid of mice, as well as the correct course of treatment for your home or business.

Rentokil offers a range of different and effective mice control solutions which includes humane mouse trap solutions.

What other activities do you think pests get up to at a Halloween party? Let us know in the comments below, or send a tweet to @Rentokil.

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