Eating Insects at Pestaurant

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Rentokil South Africa is pleased to announce their first ever Pop-up Pestaurant!

It may seem an unusual way to highlight pest awareness, but serving up edible insects at Rentokil’s pop-up Pestaurant at the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town serves another important purpose. The event also aims to promote the growing trend for entomophagy; recognising insects as a valuable food source to enrich our diet.

Although not an established custom in South Africa – except for the eating of Mopani worms – UN statistics indicate that there are already 2 million people around the world who benefit from the inclusion of insects in their daily diet. Insects are known to be rich in protein, zinc, and calcium and are low in fat.

Our Rentokil experts will be available throughout the event to answer any pest related questions and to pass on helpful tips to avoid pest problems in your home or business.

All food served at Pestaurant will be FREE to the brave general public willing to try something new!

Usually an unwanted pest or unwelcome vermin, our specially designed menus will aim to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

We recognise that eating a plain, dried-up ant may not be as exciting as having a fancy lollipop with ants cocooned inside this sweet, sugary treat. Taking this approach, our professional chefs will be serving common insect pests with a flavour twist to really whet your appetite.

Menu choices will include savoury insects such as roasted locust canapés and cricket crostini and for those with a sweet tooth scorpion lollies, chocolate ant rounds and chocolate dipped meal worms will be available.

Saturday, 31st May 2014 from 11am.

The Good Food and Wine show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

Be on the lookout for more information on #Pestaurant in South Africa.

Pest problems can occur at any time, in your home or at work. The key to staying one step ahead comes from pest awareness. Recognising pest activity and knowing how to act at the first sign of a pest problem are critical to ensure effective control. Even the cleanest home can become a target for many pests, which often have sneaky ways to enter a property.

Call Rentokil free on 0800 117 852 to discuss your pest problem.


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