Creepy crawlies – all tricks and no treats!

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In the spirit of Halloween, and being a complete pest-o-phobe, I thought that I would talk about the very thing that makes the tiny hairs on my arms stand upright: creepy crawlies!

I have heard a lot of theory surrounding the concept of talking about things that bothers one, ‘putting it out there’ to acknowledge one’s fears and come to terms with it. Well, in my case, I blatantly put this on the table (or hopefully not on the table, or anywhere near my house!): I dislike crawling insects very, very much!

In fact, they creep me out so much so, that I even get nightmares about them! A cockroach/ant/ spider mutation is hardly something that would induce a good night’s rest. If you have a look at all the individual characteristics of each of these pests, this does make for a scary creepy crawly. I must say that I thank my lucky stars that something like this does not exist, otherwise, I would be walking around with pesticide strapped to my chest; resembling a one-man-band, but with specialised, lethal instruments, designed to wipe out anything that might just crawl my way.

Nightmares aside, I know can wake up and wipe out these pests without the fear of them viciously attacking me. The following are tips to make sure you can receive all the treats without the nasty tricks that may tag along (and by tricks, I mean the revolting creepy crawlies that invade the home…!):

  • Be sure to prevent these creepy crawlies from entering your home by sealing entry points, such as gaps under doors, and cracks and crevices around windows and door frames.
  • Always make sure to clean up after any treats (or spillages) in the kitchen. Pests love scuttling out from underneath their dark hiding spots to feast on these left-over morsels.
  • Wipe dirty counters and appliances to clear away any fragments of food, and wash dirty dishes and floors to ensure you do not attract unwanted house guests.
  • If there are any left-overs you’d like to not share with these creepy fiends, be sure to store them away in zip-lock bags, or in sealed containers.
  • Wash food cabinets regularly to avoid stored food product insects from helping themselves to your crackers, rice, pasta or cereal.
  • If you have any pets, be sure to clear away their food, water and litter trays during night time.
  • Be sure to clear away, or clean around areas where there are stacked magazines or equipment – insects, especially textile pests, love to use these areas as a hideout.

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The above tips should help in preventing any unwanted pests that might just decide to help them to your treats. Many a time one can control a pest infestation to get rid of cockroaches, ants, or any other creepy crawlies, but sometimes one may need the help of a professional pest control technician to eliminate pests. The Rentokil pest control experts know how to move in on these critters and get rid of them for good. At least then I will not need any elaborate pesticide armoury to exterminate these creepy pests!


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