Don’t Be a Bird Brain about Bird Control


Birds on a wireIn a recent conversation with someone smart around the office I heard a sophisticated word being thrown around – urbanization (which is apparently a fancy word for us humans cutting down trees to build our beautiful houses and factories). Not a completely rotten idea if I think of the noisy bird in the neighbours’ tree. The same bird that wakes me up promptly at 5 am every morning regardless of the previous night’s late business meetings (aka quenching the thirst created by long week in the office.) Maybe I should just take a chain saw and do some urbanization myself…

But then I almost feel kind of sorry for the little menaces, as it’s not their fault that evolution smiled upon mankind and gave us the ability to build structures of safety and stability – beyond anything that their twig structures could ever provide – it’s no wonder they make their home in our buildings & offices… not a half bad idea if I was a bird…are birds really that bad?

I suppose it could be seen as quite entertaining and amusing to share an office or factory warehouse with one of these feathery friends, but the truth is that they are card carrying members of the Official Rabies Association. They travel with an entourage of bird lice and fleas as well to mention only a few.

Often birds may get trapped in the building and may be unable to escape and often retire to happy hunting grounds (they die), leaving the feathery bodies behind to rot, attracting maggots and flies, and a nice perfume of rotting bird carcass.

Even more charming is thinking of these birds stuck in our bread factories, flying across the mountains of loaves and buttering my wholemeal with its own personal brand of margarine before I get my toast in the morning…thanks but no thanks Mr. Bird, I can butter my own toast…

And as for unauthorized white birdie graffiti on town buildings and pavements – that’s just collective vandalism.

So birds are clearly a pest !!

I suppose that is why there is such a demand for bird control these days – Luckily Rentokil pest control has non-invasive ways (don’t hurt the birds) of deterring birds from buildings and also specialized services for all the pests associated with birds.

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