Bedtime Stories for pest control enthusiasts: Things that go bump in the night

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Watch out for things that go bump in the night!

As if it isn’t bad enough wondering about which creature (make-believe or imaginary) could be hiding underneath the bed, there are also the real boogie men – or should I say, boogie pests – which come out to play when the lights go out…

The best known of the creepy crawlies that like to scuttle out from beneath cracks and crevices at night are the crawling (and totally revolting) insect species; the cockroach. After they creep out from beneath pipes, drains and basements – where evil characters always lurk in horror movies – they love nothing more than to gather around in your kitchen, nibbling away on left-over food. This I can still understand; I bet the food lying around out in the open is just too much of a temptation for them to resist.

What baffles me though is that cockroaches will also tempt their pallets with leather, books and almost anything else. Oh no! They could be attacking my Paulo Coelho collection, my bed-side chocolates (a guilty pleasure of mine, I must admit) or my Kindle cover! I fear that I might wake up and half of my belongings may have been carelessly discarded in pieces after the wicked cockroaches have had their fun with them. Eek!

The most disturbing thing about cockroaches is that they breed very rapidly, and are highly robust creatures. Imagine; one day I could have a silly roach loitering in the drain beside the kitchen, and the following month I could have 20 little cockroaches crawling around! Plus, their droppings cause eczema and asthma. How am I going to fall asleep now? I need to come up with a sneaky plan to find out where they gather and bombard it with cockroach poison, although I am sure that the Rentokil pest control experts can implement a cockroach control solution to get rid of these nasty creepy crawlies.

Another critter that loves to rummage around after dark and disrupt my slumber is the rodent. These pesky pests move indoors during the colder seasons and conveniently feast away on one’s food. Take that midnight munchie rat aka Mr Rattus rattus that I had terrorizing my mother a few months ago – the not-so-shining example of things that go bump in the night! Rats gnaw away on anything they can find, as their incisors never stop growing. Now I need to implement rodent control to get rid of rats and mice that could damage my home as well as the disgusting cockroaches. If that’s not a horror story that would keep me up at night, it would definitely also be the cold, hard facts. And by facts, I mean the signs of a rat infestation.

Rats are grimy little creatures, as they contaminate the surfaces and food into which they come in contact, and can spread diseases such as tapeworm, rabies and tuberculosis. They also leave a trail of droppings behind them as they fiercely continue to plague my home. I have tried DIY rat control products but it seems that these critters have grown immune to the rat poison and rat traps I have strategically placed around my home.

Last but not least, the very thing that gets under my skin (or not, I hope!) is bed bugs. As discussed in detail in our first bedtime stories post, these bloodsuckers live in your bed, cause allergic reactions and release a rancid smell.

With the knowledge of the consequences that these nocturnal pests might pose, I definitely need the pest control experts to get rid of rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs and any other nasty creatures that choose to appear at night. I know that with the rodent, bed bug and cockroach control methods Rentokil makes use of, they can wipe out the plagues that frolic in my basement, roof, kitchen and bed room, once and for all. Only then will I be able to sleep like I have never slept before.


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