A Fight for Flea-dom


Jump the extra mileI had an interesting water cooler conversation about fleas with one of my Rentokil Pest Control colleagues this morning…quite interesting indeed. Well, not that interesting I suppose, we do work for Rentokil Pest Control.

He gave me some weird facts about fleas and me being the sucker for strange facts I switched on my brain for the first time today, only to realize that I am actually at work and that I have no idea how I got here and also that I am knee deep in a conversation with the guy from technical…..

Dog fleaFact: The Flea Circus

According to Mr. Technical, when you trap a bunch of fleas in a container with a lid, their natural instinct is to use their biggest asset – their ability to jump huge distances – to try and escape. Listening closely to what is happening inside, you would hear the fleas jumping against the lid for a while, trying to escape. Moments later, if you listen again, you realize that the jumping has stopped completely. What happens next is truly strange, and why I believe this is called a flea circus. When you remove the lid and leave it open you would expect the fleas to well…flee. But they don’t. They just sit there… tamed and trained, almost. Like those sad looking circus animals. Especially the frowning monkeys.

This actually got me thinking about life and my colleagues here at Rentokil Pest Control. About parameters and invisible limitations. Actually not invisible, completely non existent limitations. What I have realized is that as people was tend to become like the flea quite easily. We get so set in our ways and do everything we need to. We come to our little work stations, day in and day out and we leave the moment its time to go home. A lot of the time we do only what is expected us and we get paid accordingly. Everything happens like clockwork. But what would happen if the limitations (starting at 8pm, leaving at 5, one hour lunch, work set out) were removed? Would we just do the above or would we jump out and go the extra mile, beyond the limitations?

Mr. Technical also mentioned that when a flea jumps at full strength it uses the same amount of energy that a rocket uses to launch into space. The truth is that I could have made this fact up or he could have really said this…it’s Monday morning, I don’t know. The point is as people we really are a lot like fleas.  We just have to decide what aspect of the flea we choose to incorporate into our lives. You can sit in the jar and make yourself comfortable right where you are and live within parameters that really don’t exist or you could decide to get up, jump thousands of times the length of your body and whilst flying a rocket at the same time performing heart surgery as well as solving the world’s Pest Problems.  A bit like us at Rentokil Pest Control. To us, the jar does not exist. The lid means nothing to us!!! Here at Rentokil Pest Control, we “jump” the extra mile.

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